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so basically what you're saying is that players are being punished for being hacked just because "some" people have been taking advantage of the rollback service? and not only that, but the gear that was stolen remains free to be traded and sold on the AH

this is the most retarded thing i've heard from blizzard yet
people willl just transfer a hundred or so gems and then roll that back
or legendary plans

or just gold

hey bud here is a billion gold. heya blizz how about a roll back

i do understand taking steps but what should be done is a small investigation as to when the roll back occurs. is there duped gear. if there is remove it.

my brother could write a program that searches the "online only game fore duped items and where they came from
Punishing players for getting hacked sounds like a terrible idea to me.

Owning a 2billion+ item and then having it become account bound is an incredible loss for a legitamate player.

How about just delete the items that were stolen and problem solved?

I doubt i'll personally ever be affected by this but man do I ever feel for someone that will be and they lose 10billion gold in a day due to no fault of their own after saving for months and months.
they lose 10billion gold in a day due to no fault of their own.

Anyone with even half a billion worth of gear is idiotic not to have an authenticator.

They can't just delete the items because by the time the hack is reported the item is already sold to an innocent person in the AH.
This roll back idea is an absolutely ingenious move to stop the in game corruption! Love it!
It amazes me how many of you idiots think this hurts people who allow their account to get compromised. News flash, DON"T LET THAT HAPPEN. There are several security options available to prevent this, the most obvious being Common Sense.

If you are stupid enough not to have an authenticator. Go to stupid sites, or click a suspicious email, you deserve to get your sh*t stolen. And even moreso, you don't deserve to get your items back.
7 demnic vows on gah now, trifecta ring, dex, vit.

A week and a half ago there was the original, after being flipped to the max where the original flipper could not make a profit, and then there was 2, and then 3 and so on.

Cant keep this trend going either. Jewels, weps, armor cant have multiple items or even pages of rolledback items.

I like the move, flippers make a little less gold but o well
This won't be needed if they abolish the rollback policy, it's the players' responsibility to take care of their account.
Yah think the lower prices could be based on bliz;s announcement that the drops in 1.08 are going to improve alot and people are dumping their stuff to make a little money before its worthless like the ammys and other items you can currently craft when 1.07 went live??
I'm amazed at how stupid so many people can be. Hacker profits. Blizz still profits. Guy that paid or played gets nothing. Even Blizzard says the authenticators aren't 100% so shut your mudflap braindeadwest86.

I think it will be great. Frivolous lawsuits.

Believe it or not Hackers do not exist in online games. Scammers, phishers, keyloggers, and botters do. If you are stupid enough to let any of these get access to your account that is your fault. No one claimed authenticators are 100% secure. With that said, they are pretty damn high up there especially if you don't have a moron using them.

As for your Frivolous lawsuits, you, as well as every other person playing this game signed a TOS agreeing to any changes Blizzard sees fit to change. Get over yourself son.
Honestly, about damn time.

Why not do this earlier in US/EU there are so many duped items its sickening.
I would say too little too late, and its kinda true.

But it will do its job once new tier of items are brought in. Or if we are lucky enough to have a ladder.
Your intelligence level says it all. I won't be responding to any more of you ignorant statements. Now please, if anyone has something constructive to say please do so.
i wonder if this will make dupers stop fake account hacking and actively trying to hack peoples account if so protect yourself starting now
03/27/2013 05:42 PMPosted by IKR
That's what most stupid people say when they finally figure out they have no argument.

LoL even if you crack a password the hardware authenticator is still very effective. Unlike a password it is randomly generated and the average person is not about to guess this number. Of course the fact you even mention ten year old programs is pretty much pointless.

A bot is a hack but you have taken hacker out of context for this conversation.
We are talking hacker in the sense they hacked into blizzard an got access to your account. Now show me 200 pirated, illegal, modded private D3 servers like we have in D2. You can't because of the online only game. This is what blizzard is fighting. None of the account compromised were hacked in the true sense of the word.

I think Blizzard has done the right thing. People get to keep the item they bought. None of the rerolled items will be able to be traded after they implement the policy.

Once this is done I think that roll backs should simply be removed from the game. You allow your account to be compromised you pay the price.

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