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03/30/2013 08:23 AMPosted by DeadRu
All i have to say is Path of Exile.

Then why are you even here. Go there hunt for your skills and then dip into the passives. Enjoy. I'll stay here where I enjoy the combat.

Who wouldn't enjoy the combat in this game? It's an action game.
On the subject of PoE.

Their claim to a passive skill tree with 1350 skills is somewhat misleading. Sure, there are 1350 nodes spread out as a graph. But a number of nodes along a given branch are just "more of the same" i.e. +10 to Intelligence, + 10 to Intelligence, +10 to Intelligence...Makes for a great looking "web" but if you collapsed them to a single button with a little number in the corner you'd have the +stat button from D2.

Just saying.
03/30/2013 01:09 PMPosted by Urthas
No they aren't, you have 0 elemental damage in D3, a WHOLE category of damage removed, how can any affix or elite can then be more hard than D2? Things like Mortar? Really? THAT'S HARDER than FROST TOUCH? or SHOCKING?

OK, first of all, stop "yelling".

You can't be serious. Frost Touch, Shocking and so on just killed you flat out if you didn't have the resists (gear). There was no skill involved in losing, or winning against them (compare to, say, Lighting Enchanted where maneuvering could actually make a difference, at least as a ranged class). Just like any elite in D3 can be face-tanked if you have the gear.

But the sum total of affixes for a given elite in D3 is harder to deal with, (assuming you don't have the gear to just face tank it, as mentioned). You have to move around more, you have to react more, you have to use combinations of skills more; and you didn't have to deal with CC or disruption (Vortex, Knockback, Waller, etc.) back in D2. Immunities in D2 were annoying, but most of the time you could very easily skip those packs if you couldn't break their immunity (which really wasn't that hard). Packs in D3 are much more difficult to escape once you aggro them; they are much more tenacious (and generally faster moving) than in D2.

So, yes, I maintain that the game-play in D3 is much more involved.

That was actually very well-put when working off the assumption that you can't just mow down every mob without thinking twice about what affixes they have or don't have. =)

I think that personally I enjoy the affix system of D3 more, but I do want there to be some new head-scratchers that really make people think added in eventually.
03/30/2013 01:33 PMPosted by Saga
the only decision you make in Diablo 3 is what to wear that night LOL

I just don't get this. You chose skills/runes/passive/follower skills. That right there debunks your assertion, even assuming that you NEVER change any of those things (which is the end result of a skill tree). But I'm sure you do tweak your choices now and then. I know I do. Constantly. It's fun.
03/30/2013 12:20 PMPosted by Saga

Get your numbers right. 3m unique players every month, that's 25%, which btw is phenomenal for a game that's almos a year old with a short single player campaign with no competitive multiplayer

3m my !@#! LOL where did you get that number, and you are right 25% is phenomenal for a console game, but not for anything related with Diablo...

Remember Diablo 3 was the biggest gaming disappointment of 2012, they are just trying to not make it one of the biggest in gaming history.

lol u idiot. 3m is the number blizzard said at GDC.

Please show me a source that shows more than 25% of players played D1 and D2 after one year.

And finally, D3 is not a failure, and youre delusional if you think so. You're just like those people who troll apple iphone forums going on and on about how iphone is a failure, it sux, blah blah.

The reality is that you and a small group of haters think it sux, but most of the people who bought it think its great.
03/30/2013 01:58 PMPosted by Monsta
Please show me a source that shows more than 25% of players played D1 and D2 after one year.

03/30/2013 01:58 PMPosted by Monsta
The reality is that you and a small group of haters think it sux, but most of the people who bought it think its great.


If you are going to ask for a source at least back up your claims. Sales do not equate to quality. Just because you log in to play does not mean the player thinks the game is great either. The developers who have admitted this game has some problems must be part of that 'small group of haters'.
Amen to this... i miss the d2 days.
I would LOVE to have the trees back :( It is what made d2 great and what made WoW amazing... but alas... braindead is the new thing!!!!
03/29/2013 11:30 PMPosted by KradisZ
I disagree with the both of you. I say the buy one skill get a synergy for another was bad game design. What it does if force you to spend your points on skills that you might not want to use. I like the synergy that is in this game. D2 synergy was pigeonholing you into using certain skills if you wanted your spammable skill at it's best. That destroyed a lot of viable builds in the process.

it also gave me a sense of character growth, which D3 is void of. I could care less if it pidgeon holed me into a path, if I wanted a complete different set of classnamehere I would re-roll and power up that path instead on that alt, thus the name of Role Playing Game. If I wanted a certain role, I'll make it that way. To be universally great at everything like D3, just means your char is at it's best at any given point and it's up to you whether they're short sighted of it or not. Your character effectively is like all the alts you'd ever make slapped into 1.

What makes making alts so fun for those who don't get it? Well for one, it makes another char you have to gear entirely for that build you're going to make it, replay value, uniqueness among others, and experiencing different power and character growth.

But with D3's systems of stats and damage and itemization being so streamlined and piss poor, and you add FREE respec to it, it sorta kills all that. Well not even sort of, it just KILLS all that.

If you look at even the highest ranked players don't even play, lol if it can't retain a hardcore player what can it retain? A mindless drone(no offense) or what?

When has auto update then I will believe it to be a reliable guide. But we know it does not have that. Just look me up on that website and you will see it says I have not played in 2 months. But when you look for 4 level 60's on the profile you will see only one. Because the other characters I deleted and rerolled.

Also my barbarian build at that time was my Indiana Jones build that I was trying out. I went sword and board to get the extra MF. But now I am dual wield with a much higher dps. Also I have different gear weapons as well.

I say that the buy one get one synergy for free is a bad game design. Because it requires no thought or math skills to pick the best skills to max out. You will know in a glance which skills to max out.

Also it is not true synergy in my book. It is saying here is a dps or a defense boost. So since you put points into skill x it will give skill y an increase in defense, time in seconds or dps, etc...

Where as true synergy is what D3 has right now where one skill works off of another. You can build a DH where you can have a powerful dps skills. Then the rest will give you some good defenses and help with keeping your resources near full. The skills you would use for resource management along with a pickup radius like the build I will link below shows this to be true.!ZXb!YacbYZ

The above shows true synergy.

Take other games you might have a class that is a ranger type class. He fires a tar arrow that slows down the mobs. Then a mage fires a fireball into the tar patch igniting it. Now the mob cannot escape until the fire destroys them. That is synergy, far better then buy one skill and here we are giving you a dps boost to one of your skills.

Finally I say that I have seen threads in the thousands on the D2 forums where players have complained that the synergies of 1.10 killed a lot of builds. So while you might not care if you are restricted to go down certain paths. Using skills that you do not like to use. But me and others do care and that is why I do not want that type of stupid and lazy synergy. If the dev team ever did that you would even see me say that they are dumbing down this game. Because those D2 synergies do not take any brainpower to figure out. They are just as mindless as players say picking skills and runes are here in this game.
No. No skill or stat resets is just padding to make the game seem longer. I don't know why you guys like that. I suppose if it makes you feel hardcore or smart.
03/30/2013 03:50 PMPosted by edude85
Amen to this... i miss the d2 days.

Why? It's still around, and fairly active. Go play D2.

edit: That came out unintentionally snarky. Apologies. All I meant was that you can still play D2, compared to, say, WoW players who miss "vanilla" but have no way to play it again.
maybe make it so skill trees dont make u have to reset char if u screw up, u can just change things in 1 second like d3...
03/30/2013 06:29 PMPosted by TheOneRaven
I would LOVE to have the trees back :( It is what made d2 great and what made WoW amazing... but alas... braindead is the new thing!!!!

Alright, I feel compelled to chime in here when someone lumps WoW into the "brainy" category vis-a-vis skill trees.


No. one. except. "bads". played. non-optimal. builds. in. WoW.

There was absolutely Z-E-R-O "customization" with WoW trees, notwithstanding 1-2 "leftover" points that could be thrown anywhere. ANYONE who claims otherwise clearly did not play WoW, especially not after Arena was introduced.
03/30/2013 04:12 PMPosted by Mârar
Don't really care for D3s, but for D2 you actually had to put some thought into it when designing your spells

lo l give it a rest, this is the lamest thing I have heard yet. Every skill you mouse over in D2 the tool tip told you which skills synergize It and which one it synergized. There was nothing left to the imagination or to even guess.
So when we say max your main skill ans max it's synergies

Mouse over Shout and you get
" recives bonuses from
Battle orders 6 seconds per level
Battle Command 6 seconds per level

MOuse over Battle orders you ger
Recieves bonuses from
Battle command
Mouse over Bash you get
recieves bonuses from

Of course you had to make the tough decidion fire or cold. What a joke.
Disappointed that I bothered reading the majority of this thread...

The skill tree does not belong in Diablo 3. If one that is similar to the old style of skill trees that were in Diablo 2 and, to a lesser degree, World of Warcraft ever make an appearance in D3, it will most likely add a large amount of unnecessary hassle to the overall fun gaming experience.

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