The leveling from 1-59 Problem - And Solutions!

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03/31/2013 10:51 AMPosted by R4V3N0U5
Nephalem Valor does not add 25% per stack... it adds 15% per stack (5 stacks total, for 75%.)

Hi thanks for the catch, you are right only 15% / NV stack.

As to the poster above, you are right as well, I haven't found any armor or weapon upgrades from the vendor past maybe level 15, but I have found some rings/ammy upgrades. However I stopped looking at about lvl 30 or so, and just checked back now that I am in hell and they were all terrible.
Agreed with this, especially the crafting updates. I've been leveling some hardcore characters lately, and even though I'm not using the AH, I have little desire to actually use crafting.

As for NV - I say if the player is willing to play at MP1+, they should get NV stacks. Seems like a good way to not over "complicate" things for newer players (since they are not likely to utilize Monster Power).

As for NV - I say if the player is willing to play at MP1+, they should get NV stacks. Seems like a good way to not over "complicate" things for newer players (since they are not likely to utilize Monster Power).

That is a great idea!

I still think that the mp mf should still be on par with that in inferno, since mp10 + 5 stack would only be 175% mf.
Potential Solutions:
1) Allow NV stacks from 1-59.
a1) totally defeats the purpose of getting to lvl 60 and it's bonuses

2) Add in the item bonus % from mp level to normal-inferno
a2) decent idea

3) Apply the mf bonus from inferno to normal-hell as well:- Why the difference?
a3) Don't forget that some ppl do MF norm-hell at lvl 60 and would compound the MF capability to an absurd amount (esp @ P-lvl 100)

4) Improve the monster density across all acts
a4) Density increases per Act...if you want more monsters. just run thru the act

4) Reduce the magic crafting material costs from 5-10 essences down to 2-3, but increase the fee (gold) per craft to be more balanced.
a5) I agree that something has to occur with the current crafting options,

5) Allow for whites to be salvaged.
a5) currently whites are completely useless after lvl 1-5. The only purpose for them in the game is appearance ONLY (i.e. so it appears you are getting drops)

6) Halve the conversion cost from Normal-NM-Hell-Inferno crafting.
a6) Again, crafting as a whole needs re-vamping.

7) Increase the number of craft-able items between levels
a7) omg...can why so much about crafting?

8) Reduce the randomness in crafting.
a8) wow--really...why not list ALL you craftign prob's in a post.

9) Improve quality of vendor items and/or reduce cost of vendor items.
a9) Vendor items are actually decent if you farm them enough,

10) Increase the number of essences you get from salvaging a magic and rare item.
a10) cry-cry-cry about crafting again!!!

I think that with these solutions Blizzard can make the leveling experience from 1-60 a more enjoyable one, and this would also encourage people to play through the game in a more challenging environment, without having to depend on the AH alone to progress.

Overall---you missed one major point...(since MP leveling began) the item drops do not equal the toon level since when playing at higher MP lvls, you tend to be in area lvl's that are much lower than the toon lvl thus making it impossible to get an upgrade. Mp drops should be bumped along with the MP lvl.

Other than that---you do make a few points about crafting--it needs revamping!
Thanks for your input. Comments on your comments:

1) Having NV stacks in 1-59 does not defeat the purpose to getting to level 60. NV wasn't even in the game when it was released - it was an add-on! I disagree if you think that the bonuses at level 60 should be to allow you to farm lvls 1-59 with higher mf and additional drops from your NV stacks. There is a likely a very small % of people that once they hit 60 ever even return to normal-hell on that character.

3) Apply MP bonus from inferno to normal-hell
This would not change anything at all for lvl 60 people farming in normal-hell. The mf limit per character is always still 300%. 375% with NV stacks, and then another 250% from mp10 = 625% which is the max in inferno. It would just be the same, so I see no problem with that.

You are correct about outleveling the zones you are in, and I am facing that problem now, where I am nearly lvl 56 on Act 1 Hell... But I don't think that is the problem. It comes down to drops and crafting. If more items dropped and crafting requirements and conversions were lowered, it wouldn't matter if you outleveled a zone - or to put it better, you probably wouldn't outlevel zones anymore since you would get more upgrades and be able to progress more quickly.


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