What made the community so Sour?

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Cognitive dissonance.
03/29/2013 06:03 PMPosted by Paulywally
If Diablo 3 had content put out regularly, do you think this community would outrage like it does constantly?

I could care less for regular new content. Just wanted this game to not have as many rough edges as it did with itemization, pvp. I wanted to have fun playing it and not having to re-create chars for practicing builds (the RPG element that is) subtracted from the replay value for me. I felt like there was nothing else for me to do 75% through the game.
the promise of something great...
and the reality of something rushed.

Hellfire ring for example.
..all this discontent makes me want to play Titan Quest...

I enjoy Diablo 3, if all the "great idea's" that the tiny people suggested were incorporated into the game, it would be terrible.. it's like asking Bethesda to make The Elder Scrolls Oblivion not so Oblivion... want to change a game? Mod it. Have discontent for a game? Stop playing it.
oh I dunno... lets change the game completely. Name it Diablo beta.
I'll be honest. I wouldn't be so sour. I bought the game wanting to love it.

I don't really care about the regular content updates since they are just band aids. If the original itemization was fixed, it would matter that much. Add in a few interesting patches over months like there MP system and that Infernal Machine.

Npc's can die in stories if done properly. Cain dying to butterflies when he can remake an angelic blade in about 3 seconds flat. Not so proper.

As far as the Dark comment. There was just no fear or even dread when you can see everything.

Honestly the console fixing the itemization issue before us is what inflames most.

Unique fighting styles would be more interesting. They just need to understand that it doesn't count as a new build if all you do is change one ability for another that doesn't change how you fight.

But in short if itemization was fixed I would be happy and willing to go back to playing instead of hovering around the forums for that glimmer of hope.
i got the collector's edition.
i can be sour all i want :) take that.
03/29/2013 06:40 PMPosted by Kiroptus
nowdays people are ok with discardable experience, so the way how D3 turned out was okay for them but D2 players and players who grew up knowing Diablo as one the biggest franchises in gamming, pretty much leader of the genre and one of the most important PC games ever expected a lot more than this

I started playing this series in the early days of Diablo 1. I enjoy D3 as a whole, on its own merits. It is superior to D2 in some ways, and inferior in others. While I hope the inferior is improved (I'm looking at you, itemization and forced AH to progress), I must admit that I'm having a lot of fun playing, too. So, yeah, not all of us are stuck in D2 days.
If Diablo III gave me more pellets for pressing the lever and made me enjoy the process I wouldn't be sour.
There are a lot of great games out there that have sour communities. Fact: most gamers are self-entitled pricks.

Think about it.
People on the internet spew hate constantly because they have nothing better to do with their time. Not to mention most people do not use forums or leave reviews unless they are unhappy, so most things you see on the internet(especially in a general forum) will always be skewed toward the negative.

That being said, the community wouldn't be so active if there weren't a ton of people playing the game and enjoying themselves as well. Go to any game's forums(especially general) and you'll see that they are flooded with complaints. You usually get a better community in more specific sub-forums like the class forums for example because people are usually there to actually discuss things rather than just complain.

This is definitely one of the worst communities I've encountered in a gaming forum though, but I attribute that mostly to Blizzard being such a large company and being so successful. The "cool" thing to do is to tell everyone how bad mainstream things are now like consoles, Call of Duty, and WoW even though the sales and continued success of those products makes the people calling them bad look like fools over and over to those with an actual brain.

If small communication improvement between devs and playerbase, make significant change on community, wouldn't you think the logical choice is to improve it in even greater ?

Unless the game was totally re-written, no. There are too many things broken with D3. Personally, I think it'd be a better use of resources to pull the plug on further D3 development and start work on D4, and make it go back to the things that made D2 successful for over 10 years (I started playing D2 in 02/2001...make that 12 years).
It all has to do with money. Games that are played for fun and friendship have great communities. Games where cash is the big draw are populated by haters. They hate that they haven't made any money, they hate that you have made money, they hate flippers, and botters, they hate thier moms, their dogs, and they even hate Christmas.
If Diablo 3 was a great game, do you think most of the community would be sour like they are currently?

(I'm generalizing because this is my opinion)

If Diablo 3 had content put out regularly, do you think this community would outrage like it does constantly?

If Diablo 3 had legitimate specs for each class, that were ACTUALLY unique, do you think people would react like this?

If Diablo 3 wasn't being released for console, and you had a Single player, and 8 player game options, do you think 80% of the people who bought the game, would have stayed?

If Diablo 3 was more Dark, like its predecessors, with pentagrams, and evil real world demonic relations, do you think it would grasp people into the game more?

If Diablo 3 was, what they said it was going to be before launch, would people act as though someone put sand in their potato salad?

If Diablo 3 didn't kill off Deckard Cain, the only interesting character left besides Tyrael, do you think the long time fans of Diablo would be more happy?

Think about it. I'll wait.

Wouldn't really be able to know, but I don't think I'd be as unhappy.
i expected to be able to kill demoms with swords, axes, and other weapons

diablo 3 delivered

i am satisfied...easily

other people had different expectations to me.

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