What made the community so Sour?

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It wasn't refrigerated properly?

diablo 3 is a good game (and that's why it still has this many players), but not as good as people would expect from a diablo sequel (and that's why there are so many sour people here).
1: People don't like change. Don't like getting a game different from what they envisioned.
2: The dumbest people are the loudest. Big community = big amount of dumb/loud people, feeding off of each other for support when they see that they aren't the only ones complaining about stupid crap.
3: There are actually plenty of things that need work, and there used to be a lot of things that were outright wrong with the game. Luckily that's mostly behind us now. Not that these guys would notice it.

Could you site some reputable sources to verify statements 1 and 2 please?

I like to think most people like change, who wants to do the same exact things every day?

And as for the dumbest being the loudest, that's a tough one.... if no one ever stood up when they felt they were being wronged.... wow i don't even like to imagine that world.

Seems to me like your confusing facts with opinions.

I was kind of in a bad mood last night, so I didn't really try to back up my claims with further explanation, but I stand by them. It's known that people tend to be averse to things changing, and because I'm not here for an intellectual debate, I don't really care to try to find a 'source' for the general trend of humanity. I mean few reputable sources will outright tell you "Most people enjoy a good burger", it's just kind of understood. Also my claim of the dumbest people often being the loudest does not mean that all loud people are dumb, or that all dumb people are loud, but that there's a strong correlation between not having a lot going on upstairs, and being very passionate about the few thoughts that are up there. Again, it's not really something I'd know where to dig up for you via reputable source, but also not how I want to spend my free time, so if it interests you, you're welcome to check around on the subject yourself. Honestly, I thought these things were commonly understood, so I'm quite surprised anybody even called me out on it, though this isn't really the place for cited debates.
I can't speak for the community - I still enjoy the game and the sour community.
Why are half the posts in this thread "reported"? Is there really somebody who thinks that just because someone expresses an opinion that they don't agree with, that's what the report function is for? I enjoy D3 but I will also admit that it has problems. I may not agree with a lot of the posts in this thread but I'd never report posts just for that reason.

Diablo 3 is rated M and for people who are 18+. Whoever this child is that is reporting posts, leave and come back when you grow up.
03/29/2013 06:03 PMPosted by Paulywally
If Diablo 3 was, what they said it was going to be before launch, would people act as though someone put sand in their potato salad?

I've played every blizzard title since the original Starcraft. While I still find this flawed game fun, it does not hold a candle to what it could have been. I still log in, do some mp7 runs, then play some sc2 hots. Now, that was a well executed title. Challenging, polished, engaging, and true to its roots. Go check out the forums on sc2. They are not filled with people complaining, other than some legitmate balance issues that are and need to be explored for that game. That game is built around balance, if an uneasy one. Here, barbs are best hands down. No reasonable person would argue that. That is why I do not play barbs. I'm happy with my red headed step child dh (buffs? plz?) and will continue to play, but I hope for improvement.

This is my first post on these forums. Just my 2 cents.
03/30/2013 11:12 PMPosted by Urthas
If I was expecting Diablo 2 re-skinned, I'd be upset too.

what if you were expecting a re skinned D2 with more loot, more skills, more quests, new characters, more boss battles, tweeked PvP ect then what would you be? utterly shocked and majorly dissapointed?

the RMAH is an improvement over D2's third party sites but besides that what did they improve or do well?
03/29/2013 06:38 PMPosted by half3vil
Part of the reason is that many people had unrealistic expectations of this game. No matter what blizz did, they wouldn't like it. The only thing that is really wrong with this game is itemization.

Itemization and dungeon map randomization are the two big ones. Because the meta game is a loot grind, itemization is something they should have gotten right months ago.
03/31/2013 10:09 AMPosted by Bouldergore
fun game = happy community

What kind of tool continues to play a game that they don't find fun?

Anyone with a brain would just move on and not care about what happens to the not fun game.
Getting blatantly lied to tends to make people sour...
Seems like you have a lot of a lot of personal opinions tucked away into your post, OP. I agree with some but not all.
I will say this, the similarities between D3 and the previous titles in the series are trivial at best. If the characters were different, and it was set in a different location, I would not be able to tell D3 was a Diablo title just by playing it. That is eliminate the dead giveaways like Cain, Tyrael, Diablo, Izual and Tristram. Don't get me wrong, it is still a fairly decent game imo, it has some problems, but a decent game. It's just not a true Diablo title. That is why I am a bit sour, and I suspect why some others may be sour as well.
How about not only the game fail to deliver on so many expectations...but as a whole the entire D3 forum is filled with pointless threads...
the promise of something great...and the reality of something rushed.

^ This ^
i don't think i'm sour, i think i'm bitter rather. just being truthful here. certainly not hateful though.
What made this community sour is that diablo 3 keeps giving us mountains of lemons and no one wants to buy lemonade for 5 billion a cup.

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