What made the community so Sour?

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03/31/2013 10:01 AMPosted by Hotshot
I was kind of in a bad mood last night, so I didn't really try to back up my claims with further explanation, but I stand by them. It's known that people tend to be averse to things changing, and because I'm not here for an intellectual debate, I don't really care to try to find a 'source' for the general trend of humanity. I mean few reputable sources will outright tell you "Most people enjoy a good burger", it's just kind of understood. Also my claim of the dumbest people often being the loudest does not mean that all loud people are dumb, or that all dumb people are loud, but that there's a strong correlation between not having a lot going on upstairs, and being very passionate about the few thoughts that are up there. Again, it's not really something I'd know where to dig up for you via reputable source, but also not how I want to spend my free time, so if it interests you, you're welcome to check around on the subject yourself. Honestly, I thought these things were commonly understood, so I'm quite surprised anybody even called me out on it, though this isn't really the place for cited debates.

I still think i have to disagree, people liking or not liking change is situational, as to whether the change is a positive or negative one, for example "if it isn't broken' don't fix it" relates to where a change may not be good, but i mean honestly how many people go on vacation to get away from the same old same old?

Same with your burger reference, sure most people probably like a good burger, but if a reputable friend told them about a restaurant that has great burgers..... do you think they would make a change and try a new burger place even tho they are happy with their current one?

Again with the "dumb" people.... i would say there are a lot of people that are not very good at critical thinking, but most can feel when they are unhappy with something, they then usually try to connect with others of the same feeling, to help affirm that they aren't alone in that feeling. If they cannot connect with someone i firmly believe most people just put their head down and pretend like they do so as not to feel like an outcast, you know..... your typical sheeple.

I guess i just disagree.... what you said originally is such a general statement, but life is typically not that easy.

1. I think people love change when it is a positive experience for them.

2. I'm not sure people's intellect has anything to do with controlling their inhibitions, i would argue that maybe younger an/or more socially inexperienced people might fall under your argument... but I'm not sure what that has to do with the state of being "dumb". Possibly a better term would be "less wise" or ignorant. But certainly i don't feel outspoken people are generally intellectually challenged.
03/29/2013 06:03 PMPosted by Paulywally
If Diablo 3 was a great game, do you think most of the community would be sour like they are currently?

Every forum on the internet that isnt HEAVILY censored is basically just a cesspool of butthurt complaining. Its a symptom of the Western (primarily American) mindset, people are extremely self important and opinionated, they want things done their way and their way only, and there is no way to make a video game where everybody is completely satisfied at once. The internet has just provided an egalitarian platform for people to complain loudly and reach a large audience.

Go to PoE forums, and you can see there are lots of complaints about the economy, come here and you see lots of complaining about the economy. Go to any game site that doesnt delete all of the dissent and you will see a lot of it.....thats how individualism works.

Most games that people thought were so perfect "back in the day", were in reality very flawed.....nostalgia masks all of that. Thats true of everything not just video games, the "good old days" are really just memories you have of something you like with all the bad things that existed being ignored.

Community feedback is fine and dandy, but "10 page dissertation on how this game can be better #743,871,922" is pointless. At some point people need to just move along if they dont like the game. If people are really that passionate about it, they can form a team and produce their own Demon and Angels ARPG and see how the critics like it.
Because they got D3 not D2-2
D2-2 is a sweet idea, though.

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