Any Barb Who *doesn't* use the NATS SET is a fool!

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*+250 stat sorry.
focusing on dodge as a barb is gimping yourself. let the monk worry about dodge reliance for builds that actually synergize with it. well built barbs can easily sustain mp10 w/ a measly 45k hp 5k armor 500 AR and 190k unbuffed dps. I much rather focus on min/maxing my HP/sustain/DPS since nothing in the game at any MP is grounds for concern when perma wotbing around w/ 500k dps.
Heh, now I feel pretty stupid wasting 20m on a ring for my "just want to see what all the fuss is about" barb. (Considering what my DH has)
at some point DPS is not everything anyway. Lets say you get to 250 000 DPS, you will be melting trough many of the "trash" mobs, and that is a problem for the Berzerker build. Sure more CC means more crits, means more resources. THough I see the issue with the nats setup that you lose A LOT of EHP with it, and not all of us have the gold to compensate for that.

That is true, and what better way to maximize your sustain than by getting your CC up by a whopping 7% and getting +9% IAS on your Nat's ring?

The 200 STR that you lose by giving up Ice Climbers is 1.5x made up for by the 7% CC on your Nat's Ring, not to mention that you can now get rid of Lacunis if you so choose, which gives you another +10k DPS when you use nice crafted Bracers (just make sure you are over break points).

You don't lose very much EHP... on typical strong rolls you get:

Ice Climbers = +100 VIT + 10% Life

Nat Footprint = +100 VIT + 6% Dmg Reduction + 3% Dodge Chance

My guess is that the latter will go further.
I'll stick with my +6% Poision dmg boots and SOJ. MP8-9 is No probs for me.

just like everything, there's many paths to being awesome.
that works not so well when you use a Skorn though because you will be looking for attack speed in every slot possible. THing is you also lose with the Iceclimbers not only str. but also vit.

Seriously, your nats set up is very bad as far as EHP goes.

If you have the gold, then sure. Something that you might consider. But for most of us, the other options are better as far as costs and power goes.

- and to say that I dont have any problems of playing MP10.

Check again when it refreshes. That was me moving stuff around.

I assure you that I have a chest piece :)

You proc the fear regardless, unfortunately.

Most people prefer EF in their OH, but it's viable to have it in MH if you need the 10% cc.

Which I obviously don't at this point.
Brygo - love that ammy - Tommy likee
Not just barb but all classes.
Plenty of barbs don't use nats set. Is it viable? Sure, but there are plenty of other options.

You don't need 80% cc to perma wrath, that is such overkill. Not great for your dps either if you can scale that down some and focus on the other dps stats to be more well rounded because of diminishing returns

I am at 67% cc fully buffed and I NEVER lose wrath, so easy to keep up.

I will be able to hit the 2.86 breakpoint and maintain 2 pc ik set and rock a witching hour soon for much much MUCH less then it would cost to get a cc nats ring and a half decent nats boots.

Ik boots (cheap and effective) with chest to cover set bonus and hit 24% move speed with innas, crafted bracers, good rare rings with enough ias to hit 2.86 breakpoints with my mace and .24 EF and good cc, this is the winning setup and best budget build imo.

Dodge is nice but it isn't INSANELY valuable, lol. It is just a small perk. With 6k armor and 600 all resists and 5% or so lifesteal you are gonna faceroll everything on MP 10 anyways without having to dodge anything.

TLDR - You are placing way too much value on crit chance, if you can't perma wrath at 60-70% easily, you are doing something wrong.

It's not about needed CC to perma-wrath. It's about 7% CC being worth a large amount of DPS. There are no diminishing returns with CC. As you increase your CD, CC becomes worth more and more.

Using, and fully buffed with BR/OP/WOTB:

1% CC gives me 2668.28 dps right now, whereas 1 Str gives me 114.55 dps.

7*2668.28 = 18677.96 dps.

18677.96/114.55 = 163.06

So 7% CC is worth 163 Str for me right now, which is coming from a 2pc set bonus rather than a gear roll.

And yes, dodge is INSANELY valuable up to 500. More than 500 is a small perk. More than 1000 is a waste of resources.

Before the first DR (diminishing returns), 25 Dex = 1% dodge. The 20% dodge you get at 500 Dex is a huge boost for EHP. Sure, dodge doesn't help against ground DoT's, but it works against everything else.

Between natural Dex from Paragon 100, Inna's Pants, Nat's Boots, and Nat's Ring... you can easily get to the 500 Dex breakpoint without getting it on any other pieces.

Whether you go with Nat's or not, getting to 500 Dex is one of the most efficient EHP increases in the game. Nat's helps accomplish this without needing to pick Dex up elsewhere, and the 2pc set bonus of 7% CC is quite large.

TL;DR - Nat's is good ;)

Finally somebody who gets it.
Log in and out of diablo so we can view your current profile. I'm seeing no chest and no nats.

Assume that I will get a superior IK Chest when I have a bit more gold... so my EHP should go up by another 5k or so once that is done.
My unbuffed (passives only) DPS is now to 328K...

Here is my plan, thanks to having Nats...

*Get a Mempo (easier said than done)... (+10k DPS)

*Replace my Lacunis with 300 STR / 200 VIT / CC bracers that I craft. Prob take 100x tries. (+10k DPS)

*Get an IK Chest with +190 STR / 250 VIT... which gives me the life I need to get over 40k.

*Get an IK Irons with IAS and max STR instead of my current ones.

*Improve shoulders either from AH (+5k DPS) or from crafting.

That should get me to my 350k+ DPS goal, while still having easily enough AS and EHP.

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