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Since there have been so many discussions on character development (male, female, or otherwise) I wanted to start a discussion (just a discussion here, no promises implied) about what it is that you find the most compelling or interesting about a character? What is it that makes a strong female character strong, or a male character the right kind of vulnerable? What is "enough" for the development of a character?

Everyone has their different perspectives and rather than an argument about what people don't like, I thought it would be productive to find out a bit more about what it is you like.

(Examples are always welcome as well.)

*As always, please keep it clean and refrain from any personal attacks or inappropriate discussion. Please avoid flame bait points of discussion. ie. If you know it usually ends badly, please try to be aware of that.

I think this is an apt discussion for Diablo 3, as many seem to have been disappointed with the story and its execution. What are some things you liked in a story and its characters?
I really think each individual character should get some sort of side quests that explore the class's specific natures.

That way, other than rolling a new class for its skills, farming potential and play style, you get a separate branch of quests that are class-specific. Hell, even male and female characters can get something different. That's 10x new quests right there!

DH gets new quests in dreadlands, wizards can go to Xiansai, barbs can go to a separate area in the Arreat (maybe right before Act III), etc. etc. to explore the characters more in-depth. Quest objectives should also make heavy use of class-specific skills... which can be interpreted as some sort of training session to get a better grasp on your character.
That's an awesome Idea!
It would have been really interesting to see Leah actually like,....use her power, as it were. And I don't mean for strictly breaking down gates. She talks often about adventuring for artifacts with Cain, it's a shame we never got to see it. She comes off as a very Indiana Jones-esque character, but it's all happened way before the game even begins. Sure, she follows you around occasionally but she's basically worthless. A bit of clever commentary here and there but she only uses a crummy bow and is otherwise not even there.

There's a blue thread about the followers and which we'd like to see more of, to see how their stories get kinda fleshed out. All in all it boils down to attitude. Eirena has a certain playful childishness to her, but she's very powerful and determined. She killed her first demon when she was 12 or so, after all. Whereas Cormac is almost too self-righteous and flat as a character. However you DO see a certain amount of vulnerability in him when the Templar conspiracy starts to come to light. They were his only real sense of family and that's his biggest weak point as a human being.

So yeah, having a compelling backstory and a long term goal make for much more developed characters.

I love watching a character with a strong point of view evolve through and interact with a well thought out and authentic world. Having consistency in this characters behavior throughout their journey is Paramount; great characters don’t change they evolve.

Leah was a bit confusing to me, or at least her point of view was. I don't understand how she had experienced so much with her uncle and only thought he was some kooky old man. Or was it that she didn't WANT to believe?

Both Zultan Kulle and Adria had very interesting points of view. But neither were explored in a meaningful way and both were sacrificed to the plot.
follower quests

scoundral alone i can think of 2, 1. his brother and 2. something about the guild
follower quests

scoundral alone i can think of 2, 1. his brother and 2. something about the guild

What about Lyndon did you find Interesting?
03/31/2013 11:24 AMPosted by Jaetch
I really think each individual character should get some sort of side quests that explore the class's specific natures.

I'm all but certain that class specific quests existed in the game at some point during development. I'm not sure why they got removed, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them again at some point, probably in an expansion.

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