Gearing my outdated Monk

Finally decided to give my monk an honest shot. I've been wanting to run cyclone+ep with a cm wizard for a little while now, since it's so painfully obvious how little dps my DH does despite being geared relatively well. Not to mention how decent my monk's dps is for having such terrible gear ^_^

I've got about 150m to spend, though I know that won't get me far. I'm just having some trouble figuring out where to go with my gear. Monks aren't quite as simple as the other classes, so I'm stopping and asking for directions. Just really need to be pointed in the right direction is all ^_^

Well first, I know my WKL needs upgraded. I just grabbed this one for 3.5m so I could at least go smash some stuff for a little while.

Second, I know I need a Nat's ring, but holy hell that ring is obnoxious. They vary so much, it's hard to get a decent one at a decent price. I may just buy a relatively cheap one with a dex+vit roll with some average damage to hold me over til I'm comfortable enough to buy one with cc.

I suppose my main gearing concern is deciding whether to gear for OWE or not, which is hard to decide on early on because a decent part of the variable for all res comes from craftables and whatever rings I end up with, as the only other piece I'm using that can viably have all res is Witching Hour.

Anyway, that's why I'm here! I appreciate any help :)
Changed the title lmao, was a bit misleading. My monk is already level 60 ^_^ I'm not creating a new monk.
Inna's 3 piece bonus is not useful at all, so you could switch your chest for one with AR if you want to gear out of OWE.

For Nat's ring, if you can get one with a high Avg Dmg and 9% attack speed, you can do higher damage than with a cheap CC one. Mine does more damage than a 4.5CC 8AS one, and was about 1/20 of the price.

Otherwise, crafting some bracers would be the next step after the Nat's ring if I were you.
Oh sorry, I hadn't logged out in a little bit. Bought a little Nat's ring for just 2m, but it's a high dex roll with some avg dmg. Crafted some temporary bracers as well, and updgraded my WKL.
Grabbed a decent Unity with crit damage and upgraded my Inna's Radiance. Still trying like hell to craft some better bracers/gloves, but I'm not having much luck.
Kazushi's gear has shaped up nicely.

I would suggest playing with spirit generators/spenders/passives and MP levels, to see where you fit now... and of course, keep on crafting.
Thanks :) Main thing I'm working toward atm is more res and hp, as I'm okay with where my dps is at (for now) and my armor is pretty solid.

And right now MP7 is a breeze :D
I've messed with a few builds. I tried a combination strike build with Thunderclap, Foresight, and Blazing Fists, but that just made for attractive paper dps with low survivability and edps. After trying (and enjoying) a build for FoT-Quickening and Wave of Light, I've finally settled on the nirvana build (of course ^_^). It's a ton of fun :D Love seeing so many 1 mil+ numbers pop up in that 5 second period.

I'm not gonna bother with the TR exp farm build til my gear is good enough for me to feel comfortable switching to a HF ring and a ruby in my helmet.
Bumping before bed. Pretty stumped about what to upgrade next :/ Having really bad luck with crafting, too. Have crafted 100+ gloves the past couple days and have come up with nothing even considerable.

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