"1 million players daily, around 3 million a month"

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03/29/2013 12:53 PMPosted by AxeLord
But people are claiming that because its like 12 million copies sold and less than 10% of those are playing. That means 90% quit.

dont forget how many of them are bots

Frienlist doesn't lie, it's something pretty much everyone see.... a dead friendlist even after adding xx new ones, just a matter of few weeks or months(if lucky) and they quit

face it dumb d3 fanboys, d3 is a sinking ship... since months. i cant rly understand how they can't see it and deny every fact

hardcore is the only place left worth to play in d3 since it got a health economy.... still, even with a good economy it's not that good and ppl stop cause bored..

this is what you get when hate d2 and take away every feature we loved in d2
dont feed the trolls... lol
03/30/2013 11:55 AMPosted by Spartz
well look at it this way if you take a look at steams player stats you will see that dota 2 gets between 200k and 400k every day. followed usually by skyrim tf2 and football manager ( for some reason ) and they will go between 30k and 80k players per day. so diablo at 1m every day seems to be doing pretty good.

I'm gonna stay out of this argument, but to make a slight correction: Steam measures concurrent users, not a daily total. Not the same measurement.
Jay Wilson stuffs up diablo 3 = community cries fowl and wants him evicted for lying to gamers

Jay Wilson comes up with a figure about population in D3 = community thinks it's gospel

get where i'm coming from here?
lol. A million players for an ARPG that's not even an MMO. Other publishers celebrate if their game reaches the 500k mark.
I think the most interesting thing in this report is where it states "former diablo 3 lead designer" Jay already given up on the game, so whose in charge of changes to d3 now:?
03/29/2013 09:37 PMPosted by Sun
we can only know when they release the expansion.

This^^^ So much this^^^ We can speculate and bash each other until we are deaf and dumb, but when the expansion comes out and it is popular/not popular, then we will know for sure.

Any population statistics in a game that has an end to it and was a one-time charge don't really matter. What matters is down the road--who buys the xpac. And since we are in fact gamers, I don't see many of us not buying it (even though we post "I'm leaving" threads). I have a ton of games on my shelf I played through once and never called any of them fails so we will have to see what happens I suspect.

One interesting point about the last dev comments about the AH/RMAH was that they would like to close down the RMAH but can't because too many people are still using it. Sounds like that is the game to play when you get tired of barb runs.

Interesting point. I didn't like how Starcraft II turned out, I swore I wouldn't buy the expansion. Expansion is out. I have not bought it, nor do I plan on buying it. D3 sucked even harder, I have no doubt in my mind that the expansion will not be in my collection.

I always find it odd that the first response to "I am not buying the expansion" is "Yes you are.". It's like all the fanboys think that everyone else is a slave to gaming like they are. Sorry fanboys, but most people have self respect.

I am not buying the expansion and I am guessing the majority of people said the same thing are with me and we will see a HUGE drop in sales for the expansion. My guess would be 3 million expansions sold compared to the 12 million?
03/30/2013 07:25 PMPosted by KillRyan
lol. A million players for an ARPG that's not even an MMO. Other publishers celebrate if their game reaches the 500k mark.

hard to disregard--whether it is a fact or an opinion, fact in my eyes--that D3 sold mostly due to brand name alone, 'Diablo' and 'Blizzard'.

look at TL2 and PoE; slap Blizzard on it and rename it to D2: the return of xxxx and i'm sure it would've have done just as well. all the fanbois keep your eyes closed though, that way you won't see this slap to teh face coming :D

JW and his team redesigns everything and gets upset when D. Brevik offered his honest opinion; now he resigns because his designs came from the toilet, now he admits the AH was a mistake; too funny. btw, you guys still farming A3?
Reading some of this thread made me want to play this game.
I said, Who cares if 1 million players log on every day?

The game is junk; the end.

All those figures mean is that a lot of people play a crappy game.
people are playing the game, cause theyr having fun.
your just mad. dont be mad bro
Happy hunting in-game!
03/30/2013 12:36 PMPosted by Hotshot
Ever notice how trade channels have a number at the end? That means there's more than one. Try relogging and seeing yourself in another one.

Is there really a point in relogging and seeing whether there's more than one trade channels?

Do you mean to say there's few thousands channel out there with about average of 30 people in it?

Blizzard did this for us, so that we can relogging one by one at one time to look for traders?
Most of the "25%" has hung around hoping for changes, improvements, and PvP that Blizzard promised, that Blizzard has (yet) to deliver on. Hmmm, or maybe I'm wrong and they're bots. Either way, it is sad to only have 25% retention for a game with almost zero respectable story line (not counting easter eggs or hidden have to search for it story, that's actually pretty ok)...If the game were all story-based, I'd understand why people would play it once and not play it again (unless it is like a multiple choice adventure story).

But it is not merely story, not even that well-written...so, what we're looking at is that 3/4ths of the players got bored or disgusted with this game...(pretending bots don't exist and assuming the source is valid). Whether this is *relatively* good or not in contrast to other games doesn't matter. This is not a total failure but it is a failure. A take it or leave idea is 50/50.. a great popular idea would be about 80%+ liked. Plus, you *can* compare it to other games. It sold well but doesn't have staying power.

Diablo 3 is like that hot girl who seems exciting and fun at first..but you realize you cannot have an intelligent conversation with her and yet she still wishes to make you pay to go anywhere else aside from conversation. Not trying to be crude, but that's really what it seems like. You put so much time and maybe even money into wooing her only to be constantly blown off. Diablo 3 is like a rich greedy shallow (and narcissistic) tease. You'd think losing the interest of 3/4ths of her suitors would clue her into the fact that she's disliked and needs to change her ways and her attitude. But she's too vain to believe it and too rich to care.
All I can add is that the economy of D3 is mirroring the US economy right now. All the wealth has went up to the top players, and there's nothing left for them to buy, so they sit on their wealth, and the economy is collapsing. The Federal Reserve (Blizzard) is printing money (gold) at high rates to try to re-start the economy without adding anything new to sell to get that money back into circulation. No new businesses, no new sales. No new itemization, no spending of gold nor trading.

They are both like a battery that has lost its charge and is polarized to one node, you've reached your zero point, and it will take extreme action to remove that zero point. The US Congress is unwilling to do so, and flirts with national collapse (the big companies can't float the economy forever on their own). Blizzard is heading toward their own cliff a lot faster. Soon, the only people "playing" will be the bots, and there will be no one left to sell to. The D3 economy will collapse, and the server plug will be pulled. Ditto for the US economy (the bots = the computer stock traders), if the big companies are all that's left, the majority will be left without jobs, no one will buy anything because they have no money, and the economy will collapse.

You have your work cut out for you, Blizzard. Maybe you can come up with an innovative solution that prevents the economic collapse that the US Congress can model something after.

Or maybe it'd be best to bring back single-player offline, fix itemization, and let each gamer run their own server. Sort of like if the US pulled out of the global trade markets. It'd create a ton of jobs here, since China wouldn't be manufacturing our cheap stuff anymore. We'd be buying our own stuff, employing our own people, putting our money into our own economy, and if we traded, incoming stuff would be tariffed enough to avoid watching our currency devalue to nothing.

Go back to school, Blizzard, before it's too late.
Google Hellgate London -- then talk retention rate. D3 is doing good as the servers are still up and running. Hellgate London was a spinoff startup by former Blizzard North team. Within a month, player numbers dropped. 3 months almost dead. 6 months dead. Only the Koreans kept Hellgate London alive and got it patched.
What are some of the numbers for other games and your interpretations of those statistics? Because saying "X% people quit" is a pretty bull crap claim based on these statistics. If someone logs in daily, weekly, monthly... you can't tell.. you don't know who has or hasn't quit the game. Everyone could still be playing the game, you just don't know how often. So... from a statistic such as the ones in this thread... you can't conclude that any "% of people quit the game".
Nobody will argue there are 1 million active accounts daily, but what people will argue is easily over 90% of those re bots.

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