Anyone care to put together a HOTA guide?

Like what gear to get, opinions on weapons, required IAS, EHP, the usual stuff.

I know S&B talks alot about it in there, but I still get a lot of FRs asking about advice for it. So perhaps we can compile all the good info in its own thread for reference :)

If anyones up for it, make a thread!
Bump, just cause I'm curious to hear more theorycrafting on this build (esp 2-h) since I'm so unfamiliar with it. Maybe this will come more naturally after the skorn vs dw challenge?

That guide on the EU forums is pretty good. I'd add a mention for using brawler instead of superstition, but it requires high defenses. I also find sprint to be necessary in any farming build.
@ Koala

Hopefully a bit of info will come out of the Team Skorn thread (shameless plug :). Or maybe Teams Skorn and DW will consider putting one together after this?

Are you in Oz mate?
Thanks for the link!

Ive put TDP and ToT in the sticky as well, those threads will be overflowing with great info I'm sure :)

Nope, not an Aussie, corn fed, Midwest US guy.

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