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Yo Blizz, how about a happy little Easter treat and you do something about the insane amount of spam that's in all chats this morning? It's actually ridiculous.
its bad today.
I have a guy on my list that went from 1-100 paragon and has almost 2k hours played after quitting awhile back because he bots. You think they are going to do anything ? Cuz i report his !@# daily.
I was just about to make a thread for this im leaving gen/trade and lfg for the rest of the day due to this ive only used ignore 2 time before but i filled my list today and i still have spam none stop there is somthing very wrong with that
+1. I think the botters are spooked that a mass ban is incoming and have taken their effort to reduce inventory and DOUBLED IT!
bumpity bump bump bump
joined chat for 1 min got hit by 4 more spam and left lol this is really freaking bad
Dear Blizzard,

This is completely unacceptable. Remove chat capabilities on trial accounts. Problem solved.

Thank you.
there's a chain?
I would love nothing more than to hire someone to DoS attack diablo3walmart and fasteve
Low/high orbit ion cannon dude. Tell your friends
You'll notice when they spam in quick succession it lags you are even disconnects you. Seems like a crappy mechanic. My solution is to leave the chat channels :(
Logged off as well. I didn't pay for this game to have it filled with advertisements. If I wanted that I'd play games on my phone.
Time and time again, I post this repsonse to people complaining about gold spam bots.
This is clearly an acceptable practice by Blizzard. They own and control the servers the game is played on. Every account connects with an account name/battletag/IP address. Why not block their IP address from accessing their servers. Why not lock their accounts permanantly. How about just monitoring their accounts and ninja rob their gold so they can't sell it? The bot accounts are always advertising the same websites. It's clear as day who the botters are. Gold 4 $.com yada yada. Take a look at the accounts they spam from, most never change. I started recording the names on notepad on my desktop to see how many I could track. Only beacuse my ignore list is full. Funny thing about that is, that most of the names are repeating. Which means Blizzard has done nothing other than performed temporary chat bans for botting accounts, if anything was done at all. Despite any Fourm post or reposnse from Blizzard, there never has and never will be be any permamant action taken agains these botters and gold vendors. It's clear where the loyalties lie. Gold spam is here to stay. They have been "fighting" this battle since Diablo 1. Is that like 15 years ago? GG Blizzard.
Just awful today. Makes general chat absolutely unusable. Get a hold of your own servers, blizzard. Force us to play online then make online play extremely unpleasant? I'm done with d3 for now.
Thanks for the reports! We've applied a fix that should have resolved the sudden increase in spam. Please let us know if you continue to see an abnormally high amount of spam.

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