tank/melee DH?

Demon Hunter
So I've seen a few demonhunters now that use a shield instead of a quiver or 2hander (but are still using hand crossbows, of course). Are there any setups that allow a demonhunter to stand in the fray and not get instagibbed, like a barbarian or a monk is capable of?

I figure with a shield and all resist gear, combined with shadow power and a decent bit of life per second, life steal, and life on hit, you might be able to survive the damage of most enemies pretty well. DH's should get the same dodge bonus from dexterity as monks, right? so 40-50% or more dodge helps out there too.

Are the melee/close ranged based skills good enough for something like that to work, though? Talking about things like strafe (whirlwind-esque?), Shuriken cloud (seems like the equivalent to sweeping wind for monks), and fan of knives?
It's viable although I'm pretty new and still making my way up the MPs.

I don't usually use a shield though and the skills commonly used are cluster grenades, nightstalker (for the discipline), echoing blast, and jagged spikes, all used with gloom. I'm still experimenting with buffing defense or upping damage for increased lifesteal.

There is a recent thread I started on the dh tank (more a question thread):
If u want a steady stand up dh to tank make sure u stack up lots of ar, armor, vit, cc for generating discipline with nighstalker for perma glooming ofc, use perfectionist, and boar will add up almost 100ar. U good to go mp10 . Only question now is how efficient will u be at max mp. My toon got 850ar once it gets buffed and has descent hp...no need to shield up for my dh at mp10.. Bola shot and spike trap is the best combo for filling up hp pool once u hit gloom and while standing on jagged traps and inside guardian turret.

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