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I've played Borderlands 2 and watched a bit Hots game play, then I realized how awesome it could be if StarCraft would be an RPG like Borderlands like a First person shooter or 3rd person. We can put some points in the skill trees and upgrade some weapons.

An MMO would be also awesome if we can get more than 10-20 people defending a base against some zergs rush.

As a Terran, we can play a Marine, Ghost, Marauder, Reaper and drive some Tanks, Hellions, Viking, Thors and Battlecruiser.... and so on for all classes.

So my question is : Would you play Starcraft RPG or FPS?
If it would be multiplatform and cross-platform then yes and if in addition it would be an MMO then definitely yes.

Sounds like project titan much?
03/31/2013 11:00 AMPosted by Krusk
Sounds like project titan much?

Well we don't really know anything about titan so i don't see how it sounds like titan.
1. StarCraft RPG + TPS or FPS.

I think RPG + TPS would be better in terms of camera view.

As there is not only one race in StarCraft, FPS is not a good choice for displaying melee attack units such as zealot & zerglings.

2. But I prefer Diablo-like StarCraft RPG.

For the camera view in SC, just need to zoom in a little bit, so that the size of units looks bigger.

Only one character/hero can be controlled like Diablo, no selection is required.

You can also build up groups of army like followers in D3 as NPCs, but allows you to control their formations/actions, such as offensive and defensive.
I'd rather have something like Planetside 2, MMOFPS where hundreds of players fight each other as zerglings, marines, hydras, ghosts, zealots, and certain unit types would be vehicles which support multiple players to be in the vehicle (like a battlecruiser having 1 person steering with a one shot type of blaster/laser while more players would be in turrets, or a carrier where 1 person steers and gives a buff to the interceptors by choosing the target while interceptors would be players can they can attack anyone but it's more beneficial to attack the locked on target).
Something like BattleField would be great also...
03/31/2013 04:15 PMPosted by Souligna
Something like BattleField would be great also...

Their is a custom map based on Battlefield but's terribly done given the graphics (understandable) and super small maps with horrible aiming.

Or how about something like Red Alert Renegade where players start off with basic units and to gain better units they would need to wait for the base to upgrade and expand. Then the other units are randomly given out to players if they want them and if you don't get a certain unit at first, your chances increase later on. Maps would have to be massive though.

That or whenever you kill or assist in killing an enemy you get minerals which you then use to become a different unit.
03/31/2013 11:18 AMPosted by Azazel
I've always had this imagination in my head about a RPG StarCraft style, not FPS. It would be same as diablo with skills and items and stuff, only not in some ancient time but somewhere far in the future, 25/26 century maybe. Instead of acts you go to different planets across the universe and kill zerg and protoss and various monsters etc... just a wild imagination, i doubt it will ever happen.

Well they can keep the RTS game and have an RPG version of Starcraft too if they want to make more money....

I am thinking ahead of Blizzard :-P
There is already a third person shooter mmo coming out and really soon: as in tomorrow.

You can just make it to the preorder if you buy now.

shooter mmo is sure fail, look APB, its fail, planetside2 fail, Firefall fail, and defiance look for fail...! the secret world fail...

and now mmo coming for fail, age of conan fail, gw2 fail, aion fail, in short games fail,

and dota is just an illusion...
03/31/2013 11:49 PMPosted by GroundZero
defiance look for fail...

Hope not, I just blew a pair of BT pants and a CC Tal Rasha amulet on it.
At least Defiance looks less Cartoonish than Borderlands.

Look at this video

There is already a third person shooter mmo coming out and really soon: as in tomorrow.

You can just make it to the preorder if you buy now.


But I wish to kill some Zergs and Protoss army tho... Like ur invaded by hundreds and hundreds of Zerglings and you don't know what to do. You need to feel the rush :-)
Here another gameplay of Defiance, but I still wish to kill Zergs and Toss all the long.



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