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03/30/2013 07:52 PMPosted by Mathadon
If every person in the US took out a coin and flipped it over and over until it came out heads, chances are at least one person would get 27 tails in a row and would be *convinced* that their specific coin was broken.

loved it
So let me ask this of people that think that there is nothing wrong with the RNG in D3 and that it can't be bugged. How many things in this game that are listed by the blues as bugged are not bugged for you and work perfectly fine? I say this because I may not play the game that often but I have noticed that it has been some time for me to drop a legendary. So is RNG based on a player or on every player in the game. I would at least like to know that X amount of legendaries are gonna drop every hour and that all players have an equal chance to get them. I would rather it be based on those that don't bot.
Two options:

1. You're either lying and exaggerating about the time played/no legs (or are they just legs you don't like?)

2. You're really unlucky, and the game is the game us being unfair to just you.

either or quit crying it wont help.
Not lying. I will say this. Played yesterday. Did a couple of key runs and 8 hellfire rings at MP10. 10 legs...in one day...after a week of nothing. You folks that think its just the RNG being the RNG, keep living in your delusional world. The smart people know the truth.
03/30/2013 10:30 AMPosted by Corgon
There is a law called "probability" and its not possible to flip 500 coins and get heads 500 times.

Actually, it is
It is possible that its a bug. But...for anything to be done about it...even a donkey would know to fill out a bug report. There is a whole forum for it or you can even sumbit what's called a ticket.

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