What is your favorite monster to kill?

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Absolutely anything that disintegrates.

Azmo gets a close second.
those demon things in the keep. weak damage, low life.

coolest death animations are in act 4, though.
act 3 scorpions on mp10
I have to say, the Act 3 scorpions as well. I so do enjoy WW-ing my way through a massive mob of them...
04/02/2013 06:40 PMPosted by Urthas
Packs of skeletons. The "crunch" is very satisfying.

^ The more the better.
Those little fatties in ACT 3.

They keep summoning annoying shields on each other... I hate those guys.
Blazing Guardians in VoTA.
I skip the white trash in there to do quick NV stacks, but I go out of my way to teach them flame throwers a lesson.
I like the Whirling Dervishes (or what ever thay are called) i like when they spin. "lol spin all you want my monk dont shoot anything buddy". and i think they have one of the coolest death animations
Fallen Lunatics - the demonic equivalent of bubble wrap. Just make sure they pop on your terms. And the poetic justice of killing them with Explosive Blast is best of all.
Fallen Soldiers in Rakkis Crossing because there is always that one pack of 50+ with the shamans that keep summoning them. I just love to slam them all with a giant bell and get the bonus.
Ghouls. The sound they make is just so cool.

Mallet Lords. An elite pack of mallet lords is so tough, but once you get em down, I feel awesome.

Enslaved nightmares. The way they die, sinking into the ground, scrabbling to get away, reminds me of some movie/movies where monsters die like that.

Killing a molock/fallen prophet/goatman spear chucker with Ancient Spear. Reminds me of the old Sinbad comedy skit (I was 12, it was hilarious to me then) where he jokes about how, as a kid, his mom seemed to have a such long reach she could grab him from a room away. DON"T YOU RUUUUUUUUUN *snatch* FROM ME!

Edit: Found the clip!
SFW (Sinbad for work)
04/02/2013 11:48 AMPosted by Alcovitch
Act 3 scorpions. Why? Because they give exactly as much exp as much harder to kill monsters except you can slaughter 20 of them in like 2 seconds.

Not any more. their Exp. pts. were nerfed as of last Tuesday.
Definitely treasure goblins. So much more satisfying to get the treasure that way than simply opening a resplendent chest.

Also...what are scorpions?
My favorite is the Enslaved Nightmare from Act 4. I think it has the best death animation in the game. A vortex opens up under it and pulls it in as it grasps at the ground with its spindly arms to try to climb out.

Close second is the Colossal Golgor. (I just love that "pop" sound when they die.)

Hmm...Well, first off, my highest priority target has always been those damned succubi. There is nothing quite so frustrating as realizing that you've burned yourself to death in the process of fighting a group of demons because at some point in the chaos you were struck by a blood star; the damn things are just as dangerous to a tank-style melee like my monk as well. In fact, succubi fall second only to terror demons in terms of most crippling debuff. All this considered, it is not uncommon for me to ignore an elite pack to ruthlessly run down and murder one succubus out on the fringe of the fight. There is a certain visceral satisfaction in melting them with poison or disintegrating them, though...

As for my favorite targets... I'm gonna give a shout-out to the seemingly forgotten realm of Whimsyshire and its ridiculously explosion-prone unicorns. These are particularly satisfying, to me at least, to kill as a DH. "That's right, I hit you so hard with an arrow that you cut perfectly in half somehow..." Priceless.
Trolls. Forum trolls.
Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy skit about his mom and shoes, lol.
Large packs of fallen. It's just so satisfying.

Though blowing up a ton of scorpions all at once is great, too.

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