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Ill probably keep using my Hellfire ring once i hit Paragon 100...Unless i manage to find a better ring :P
lol at the people who posted Hellfire rings are "useless" except for the xp.
i very much like hellfire rings. i agree with op that p100 can re-roll or something.
03/29/2013 06:47 AMPosted by Azazel
ps: i hate the fireball stat too.

I can't believe i forgot to mention this. The fireball is about as lame as it can possibly get. I mean, i'ts a FIREBALL... it's like the most basic skill ever in every single game in the history of gaming. The all mighty milti billion dollar Blizzard company could absolutely not think of anything better than a stupid fireball... and just to make it worse, they copy-pasted it from zoltun kulle, it's the exact same attack, it's unbelievable. They could have made it a meteor shower, or some kind of a freezing attack, or a poison cloud, ANYTHING would have been better.

Talk about laziness.


go get some game editor (Ex. World Edit from Warcraft III), and you realize this process just take few clicks. Well, I'm not sure how complicated it is in D3, but can't be that complicated either.
Paragon SCALING gear?!?!? AWESOME idea
At least make the fireball do some real damage. Bring it back to 1mil damage. Just lesson the chance to shoot one. This would make it exciting and maybe more people would use them and not just for the xp points.
I agree that they have to incentivize both the hellfire ring and paragon 100 better.
we're looking into that
Seriously. They made this fireball on the PTR, doing like 1m damage. And then they nerfed it to 20k


"bug fix"
its getting a bit off topic. yes i don't like the fireball either. yet this thread was made with other intentions.
I think they should give an automatic leg drop on bosses, have to have 5 stacks in order to, there has to be some sort of incentive to reaching p100.
No, this ring will be useful on your p100 to p999 grind that will be implemented in the expansion. So keep making them til you get a trifecta, you'll need it.
Why not a great weapon that could be crafted from organs in addition to the ring? the infrastructure is already in place, just need the recipe.

Endgame weapon with appropriate stats. weak fireball included for the visual.
use it for another hero? if it's str, use it for a future hero?
The Hellfire is generally pretty useless for anything BUT the EXP bonus.

So my question to you is, why would a p100 want to wear a Hellfire ring to begin with?

Because you have a chance to roll a trifecta and the main stat is guaranteed to be a high roll.
better yet, option for p100 players to convert the exp bonus into any stat of choice.

yes, i'm dreaming...
The Hellfire is generally pretty useless for anything BUT the EXP bonus.

So my question to you is, why would a p100 want to wear a Hellfire ring to begin with?

HF ring can roll BiS.
170+ main stat, trifecta, with a stat to spare.... sounds pretty useless.

My HF which is far from BiS would cost me about ~1bill to replace for a rare which gives similar dps (and maintains the IAS) bonus.

So, no, HF is NOT far from useful.

Actually, after looking at your account, I've rolled about 10-15 HF rings which have better stats than the trash you're currently using....
Well personally, I do not agree with this idea and I'll soon have 2 paragon level 100 characters. I simply can not find a ring that would give me more DPS than mine does (on AH). I found one once, but it was 2b, while my HF ring cost me 50k.

Yeah no thanks, I'll pass.
the suggestion was about changing the exp slot on hellfire rings to random. and only for p100's so that the ring wouldn't be misused. that way becoming a p100 would give give a tiny edge.

so why do people keep on commenting off topic? @AdHoc; we pretty much have the exact kills and levels of characters. why would you pass the option to craft a level63 ring without losing a slot in the process?

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