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changing the hr mods cuz they dont fit what you want to do later? you must be new to cognitive thought. items have specified range of modifications ranges, that is what makes an item that item. the fireball and exp bonus IS the essence of the hr. andy's has a poison nova, wanna change that to a random mod too?

if you do not like the item, then don't craft it and/or use it!!!

do you people actually believe ring crafting is going to stay the same? honestly, tell me with a straight face that they will not add any new ring crafting. if you do, just get out. you don't belong.
take a look at the replies before acting all and mighty. if they were to add another crafting lvl63 ring that would satisfy my request. but if the Dev's believe that area is covered by the hellfire ring then players with cap exp will not want to try it since it will always have a useless stat.

i have repeated myself too much here. for gods sake read before writing!
also the reference to andarials helm is plain stupid.
the suggestion was about changing the exp slot on hellfire rings to random. and only for p100's so that the ring wouldn't be misused. that way becoming a p100 would give give a tiny edge.

so why do people keep on commenting off topic? @AdHoc; we pretty much have the exact kills and levels of characters. why would you pass the option to craft a level63 ring without losing a slot in the process?

Because with the high dex this ring will become absolute BIS with an extra affix possibility. I do not want more BIS items, I want more diversity. Right now HR CAN be BIS, but very rarely. That's the kind of thing I want and like in a game like Diablo 3. Amulets, for example, have almost died out completely since crafting because you can never get a better amulet than what you can craft (same as gloves).

This is a WRONG (PERIOD) way to design Diablo 3. I'm sorry mate, I really do like to support good ideas, but this one is not a very good one. I know what you're aiming for but what neither you or me want is a definitive BIS item. Not another one at least. The entire classes have known BIS layouts ... do you want to know best affix distribution for a monk? Well, check out mine. Check out other top tier monks. You'll see we're geared up all EXACTLY the same and even have affixes distributed exactly the same, only some use EF for bigger paper DPS whereas I hate it. My hellfire ring is something that sets me apart from other top tier monks, because they all have to rely on good rares whereas I don't. Making a hellfire ring absolute BIS would remove even that little diversity that is left.
03/29/2013 06:16 AMPosted by CrniVuk
Seriously. They made this fireball on the PTR, doing like 1m damage. And then they nerfed it to 20k

The ring needs lvl 1 to use. if u use it on a alt... fireball 1 hit anything until hell :)
03/30/2013 11:45 AMPosted by DarknessEyes
Seriously. They made this fireball on the PTR, doing like 1m damage. And then they nerfed it to 20k

The ring needs lvl 1 to use. if u use it on a alt... fireball 1 hit anything until hell :)

Then make the fireball damage scale with plvl? for example, 1k damage per plvl, so at plvl 100 the fireball would hit for 100k? Also, as I said before, it would be cool if all items that have +%exp would grant +%dmg to elites once you get to plvl 100, in a scale of 1:5, so 35% bonus exp would be 7% bonus dmg to elites.
Agreed. They do need to make a stronger Hellfire ring for max paragon lvl. Add a couple brim as a requirement to make, slightly increase all min/maxs for the ring (i.e. have max crit chance be 6.5% or 7% instead of 6%), remove the % exp crap and add a + random to any stat that can be found on ANY ITEM (except + xp) in the game. Meaning it could have + 10% spike trap damage, + 80 AR, +5% stun chance, a socket,..... ANYTHING....
I have seen a few really nice hell fire rings. 300+ strength, attack speed, crit chance, crit damage,and average damage. It has the potential to be the best ring.
This is a great idea in my opinion.
to AdHoc and others that don't want the ring because it would become BiS. let me try to explain something that should take your worries away. (i did write this before, maybe here or EU)

i made a nice amulet for my wz. it took me about 150-160 tries. that means i had to sacrifice that many brimstones and 3 times as much topaz square gems in the process. i have always played self-found. so i had to salvage my self-found (150-160 ) legendaries and pick up (450-480 topaz) gems; one by one. after so many tries i finally got a very good amulet. even though it has max ias and cc and very high main stat, it lacks ch. so basically its a great amulet yet it is far from BiS.

with similar luck i would need to make 150-160 rings for something like that. that means i would have to do 1350-1440 key runs AND fight 450-480 uber bosses, both on MP10!! at the end i would end up with a great yet far from BiS ring! sure some people with amazing luck would make a BiS but thats what RNG is for.

plus the ring does not have to be BiS in the whole game. the designers still haven't introduced level63 legendary rings in the game. same goes for amulets. i'm sure they will make them in the future. but even if they do i would always like to know that i can craft one of my own.

basically what i'm saying is that even though it's possible it sure as hell isn't probable to make such an item. (also let's not forget that only one hf ring can be used at a time)
Just chiming in to say Id like there to be an option to craft a hellfire ring with 5 random properties and no xp bonus.
OP: although I personally like your idea, it would be extremely unfair to those who aren't P100 and Blizzard has said on several occasions that they are reluctant to introduce any mechanic into the game that makes players feel like it's mandatory.
03/29/2013 06:54 PMPosted by xSimonSaysx
No, this ring will be useful on your p100 to p999 grind that will be implemented in the expansion. So keep making them til you get a trifecta, you'll need it.

I wish!! At least raise it to p200.

Now, blizzard, listen to us please!
The hellfire ring is fine the way it is it right now
We just want to be able to craft Rings of Dexterity/Strength/Viality/Int like amulets!
Have you ever considered doing that?
Any reason to actually do Ubers or Key runs again would be nice, so I'll vote yes.

COTA farm is getting pretty dry, 2 flips more profitable than 8 hour grind...
Sounds good, some kind of unlock at p100 would be awesome. It's a fair time commitment and a bit of an anticlimax at the moment.
Nobody care about your suggestions, this game is stagnant and underdeveloped by an unpassion parent company, gl selling your card game and subsequent boxes, !@#$ing loser Blizz.
I love the design of the quest but I agree the reward can be very underwhelming.

Say add 2 more affixes to the ring when rolling?

+170–200 Stats
Increases Bonus Experience by 35%
Chance to launch an explosive ball of Hellfire when you attack.
+6 Random Magic Properties
03/31/2013 07:31 AMPosted by p0t
Nobody care about your suggestions, this game is stagnant and underdeveloped by an unpassion parent company, gl selling your card game and subsequent boxes, !@#$ing loser Blizz.

i don't agree with blizzard not listening to us. they have been from the very start. a lot of changes were based on the ideas from these forums. i have witnessed many changes in this regard. so don't be unfair.

that said, yes there are a lot of things that can and should be added/modified in D3. i for one believe it is going to become better with every patch and expanson.

to be honest i feel like they have been doing a better job after Jay.
+1, I agree!

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