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The hellfire ring is not worthless and if you get a good roll you cant find a rare around 100m - 500m to replace it so dont dismiss the ring as worthless, that i could be better? yes and could do something for P100 players? yes and i love the idea of OP
I agree with OP. In my opinion, the MF and GF stats become useless as well, so they should have the option to be rerolled.
even if i were to remember them by looking at the patch notes i have no way of finding where i read the feedback before. but i'm sure a blue would be more than happy to list more than "few".

i follow all the patch notes and spend a lot of times reading through the forums both here and EU. i did recall changes based on users. i also remember blue posts addressing your exact question (from other uses) with good references.
for example the upcoming patches are to bring monster density on other acts (except act3) as well as lowering the drop rates yet improving the item values (quality for quantity). these two ideas were posted on these forums maybe thousands of times. and i for one have posted my share on the subjects as well.

plus they have informed us about the idea of making some type of "mystic" in the game. to reroll some values on items. this has been on their table and are willing to add it with a strong possiblity.

the idea of something such as monster power and the new crafting system has also been voiced on these forums before they became true.

i'm not the defender of this game. it's not my job to do so. but i can't turn an eye when i see posts about them "not caring". i really don't believe that to be true.
i have bought about 15-20 games after my purchase of D3. i even bought the all famous legend "morrowind". i always wanted to play the elder scrolls series. and thought i would start with the highest rated game by its players. yet no matter what i try i can't leave playing D3. i know its far different from the previous series. and i do feel repeating myself like everyone else. but no matter what; i enjoy it. solo or multiplayer. so they haven't f..d up at all. just diffirenated the series. still i hope the expansions will add alot to the game. they have earned my 60 dollars a year ago. i would be more than happy to try whatever else they include for it.

what Jay has recently confessed is the only true reason the game is so critisized. the AH! that is what ruined the game for the majority. i have over 60k elite kills, maybe over 1m monster kills, all classes at level 60, one char at p100 and the other at p80. but i like i said I ENJOY the game. do you want to know my secret? it's all because i have never used either AH's to buy my gear. ever! (i believe to be the first p100 self-found player). that's where they screwed up big time. i truly hope they do something about it. i have no clue what can be done after this point to make it fun for over the %90 players whom have always used the AH. but there should, no must be something that can be done. since it was Blizzard's fault to implement such a system it's their duty to find a way out of it.
as an example i dropped my first zuni's boots an hour ago. after so much play time i never had the chance to drop it before. unfortunely the 2 random rolls turned out to be crap. but that's not my point. :)
Best Hellring I saw had 6.5 CC and 45% CD + a socket. I was so jealous. When I hit plvl100 I am going to swap that damn thing out for one of my awesome rings I've been saving.
its good for lvling chars, and it brought down my big wiz when i was pvping a lvl 19 XD
its for lvling good add to the game whats all the fuss about and it isnt hard to get
03/29/2013 10:10 AMPosted by chadkan
What do you mean it's useless for p100 players? I will use mine on all my toons till the end of d3. Mine is one of the best hf rings out there

your's is mediocre, there are much better
I would actually take the ops idea a step further and say you should be able to craft the two rings right from the start from a different recipe you buy. So you can make the HF ring with the XP bonus or the Hellfire Ring without xp bonus and a random affix. Seems totally fine to me.

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