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As a Demon Hunter, a player's concentration is on the location of the target, which may be moving or teleporting to new locations. Some mobs drop a burning patch at the feet of the Demon Hunter that can kill withing a few hundred milliseconds. That fire is a problem if the target is on the other side of the monitor screen.

As such, it would be most helpful if there was a "sizzling bacon frying" sound, with a simultaneous lowering of the volume of other combat sounds, such that the player knows that his or her character is going to be killed!! Note that the intense sounds of combat, especially if a wizard is involved, could easily mask a "sizzling bacon frying" sound. Perhaps an alternate sound would be a loud scream!

Note, this sound would be used regardless of the character type that is getting cooked!

Anyone who has had burning nylon or molten lead on their hand can remember and repeat their scream. I know from experience, and both are equally painful.
There is already a sound and graphic for desecration. I do believe you get the sound and graphic first, and there is like a half second before the damage starts ticking. Your supposed to have to divide your attention between your target and yourself as a DH. Stretching your situational awareness is one of the key game play aspects in almost any videogame. It's fine as it is.

If you find yourself getting killed to quickly or too easily by desecration, get some defensive stats/skills on your character.
thats TOO complicated for the game, leave it like it is, in here we dont like complex things
if only there was a way to gear your character to be able to survive a couple seconds of descecrate. perhaps stacking a stat that resists elements or a way to, i dunno return some of the damage you deal as health...but as far as i know, none exist
03/31/2013 10:27 AMPosted by Tinaktu
There is already a sound and graphic for desecration

If there is a sound, then it is outside of my hearing range. My hearing was compromised years ago by loud sounds, and I have a constant low level white noise screech that can hide some sounds.

Hearing tests have shown that there are "holes" in the sound spectrum that exist across the entire frequency range, although most sounds above 14,000 hz are missing.
Apart from the glowing pool of fire at your feet, there is a debuff icon that indicates you are standing in it.

Get more resists.

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