How to kill the auction house bots

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I've given it a little thought and realized a easy way to kill the auction house bots. Here is what I came up with and its so simple you'll wonder why Blizzard hasn't thought of it yet. Just give the auction house the ability to scan for items comparable to the item you want to sell and suggest to the seller a price to sell it for. Most people will just post for the suggested price and that will kill the bots because the bots live off the people who don't know what things are worth and they post a echoing fury with strength, crit damage, a socket, and 1160 dps for 8 million. The bots snipe it before any player can click the buttons to buy it and they make most all their cash this way. This would also level out the entire economy in the game and all of us who are now hitting refresh and clicking like crazy till our mouse buttons are smoking will just go back to playing the game :P

So its very simple but I think it would be incredibly affective.
Bots will troll me for this one lol...

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