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Are The Stats On The Stone Of Jordan Rings Worth It?

I Really Can't Tell If SOJ's Are > Than Regular Rare Trifectas

In upper MP, the 30% Elite Bonus is pretty much unmatched.
Pure DPS ring...only problems is that you can't flash off your Sheet DPS to others.

Personally I'd only use once you get to 250k plus dps unbuffed or once you start killing white trash fast. I'm against switching ring back and forth. Once you DPS gets high enough the SOJ only gets better.
I give you some ideas

with that trifect ring, my spike trap max. crit is 750k - 840k
with SOJ, it hits 1m-1.3m.
SOJ loses 45k DPS on paper
I'd really like to test a perfect unity. I think a unity could be pretty decent vs an SOJ but for the price for one is not worth it vs an SOJ. Mine was only 60mil, people don't understand DPS of an SOJ so they'll always be cheaper than any rare or legend ring.
To truly understand the value of a SoJ, import your profile onto and then swap/Simulate with a SoJ equipped. There is a line item for dps vs. elites.

I drop almost 50k base dps when I switch from my rare dps ring to SoJ, but against elites, I gain 30k.
I like to use it and Im under 200k DPS.
There is no question on how well an SOJ will perform if you have high dps. If your dps is too low then you sacrifice too much dps to kill thing fast. You should get one to fit your play style. Also people seem to gravitate towards the cold one. For manti users the poison bonus ones are better and cheaper. I like to use bola so I got one with bonus dmg for bola. It all depends on your play style but it is totally worth it if you can sacrifice a slot. My normal unity is BIS but I use my SOJ, which should tell you something.
Stone of Jordan are a contentious issue amongst DHs at all levels of play. I have seen these rings become competitive even with 100k DPS and useless with DHs at 300k DPS. You just have to understand why you are using the ring.

Many players just look at the Bonus vs Elite damage bonus as the sole reason to use an SOJ when some of these rings can also provide a chill attack with cold damage that can easily provoke Cull the Weak on your enemies (only skills with black damage). That ensnare effectively gives you EHP since enemies are attacking and moving slower against you. Along with the Discipline on the SOJ, the ring is not completely awash in terms of defensive capabilities either. Then when you consider a SOJ applies to all damage against elites not matter what skill they are. Thus, all skills like Sentries that don’t benefit IAS (Chain of Torment), CC, and CD, your effective DPS is actually being raised even over rings that offer trifecta benefits. These rings are not for everyone.

Many players would complain that the ring is a big DPS loss against normal enemies where they are hanging around a lot longer. They are not wrong, but I would contend that it is not difficult to switch to a normal ring at all. DHs already have issues with DPS output. SOJ can give you a small boost on this issue on enemies where our DPS problems really become evident.

Another killjoy for most DHs and an SOJ, is that you lose CC on one your rings. This can be big for Manticore users who do not get 10CC from Archery. Even I can certainly feel the loss when I do not run my CC ring with Nightstalker and nothing can makeup that loss except Bait the Trap. It gets worse; if your EHP is too low. Discipline and cold ensnare can only make up for some EHP loss, so you cannot be playing too close to the wire at higher MP levels when using an SOJ.

I would personally encourage any DH player to use have an SOJ on hand, but you do need to know why you are using it.
^^ agree and good post
When it come to questions on SOJ, I always like to chip in and give my 2 cts worth.

I have 8 SOJ atm and is always on the look out for perfect ones. Why do I love SOJ so much? The answer is simple. It makes me kill elites much faster. During your normal run, what is the most difficult part of the run? Killing elites right? I do not want to go thru the numbers but just give some when and why you should use SOJ.

1) if your CC is above 45% because by using SOJ you will lose your CC (assuming the swapped ring has 5% CC) and if you CC drop to below 40%, it will be deemed ineffective to produce crit hit dmg. This will also affect your discipline regen using Nightstalker.
2) especially when you have high dps above 200k and running MP7 or higher. This means you have no problem killing white mobs even at MP10. You don't need SOJ for XP farming at lower MPs.
3) during Uber fights. SOJ is good for single/double target especially non-moving, when frozen by a wizard. You can really deal extra damage to the target.

1) Huge dps boost on elite giving 30% + 12% skill damage or other resources saving skill. I personally recommend to use SOJ which add dps rather than saving resources except for Barb's HOTA SOJ.
2) do not worry about the paper dps lost after equipping SOJ because the lost is normally due to lower CC and reduced main stats eg Dex for DH and monk. It is easily made up by 30%+12% additional damage given by SOJ.
3) additional 10 dis for the DH is really important for defence at higer MPs.
4) reasonable price

I love SOJ and have been using it much more often than my normal ring. I always use SOJ when farming MP10.
I have a quadfacta rare ring n 7 soj, i will use...

- rare ring for clearing whole alkizer run, including trash mobs
- soj for only elite runs, like vault runs in act2, skipping trash mobs
- soj for inferno machine

Soj definitely helps when killing elites, but i really feel i m weaker when with soj, prob coz i lose the 8ias, 4cc and 50vit lol...

Try to get a soj n play with it, u will like it
Black wep's get more advantage, but the % helps Manti users as well. with my inna's belt and soj I get 53% increase, thats over 100k. my trifecta ring on paper is an 54k increase vs soj. but my soj is 24k over trifecta. You get the point
i just get my SOJ and try to run it at high MP and might say it kill faster than trifecta ring.
the +disc is also overlooked, thats a defensive stat in addition to the great dmg.
The problem with SOJ is it doesn't offer anything defensively other than the +10 disc.

I prefer using a SOJ for lower MPs because the +10 allows more vaults before needing to use prep and also the SOJ bonus to elites allows most elites to die within 3-4 ball lightnings at MP1.

When I do COTA runs on MP10, I use my current profile setup. I find when I swap out my nat's ring for a SOJ I die a lot more due to loss of dodge and physical resistance (which is on mine because I use on monk too for OWE). I feel like I am getting hit by the white skeletons for a lot more and way more often when I have the SOJ versus nats ring and one careless mistake = death.
1 noob question. Can some expert help me answer, since my knowledge is not that good.
Does +5-6% cold dmg gives cold dmg to followers? Do they give the snare effect to proc cull of the weak? Thx in advance
I have a cold SOJ for my Scoundrel using a Windforce. He provides real crowd control...and I clean up with cull of the weak.
The SoJ has become a BiS ring for my DH. It's invaluable.
I just bough a 30% poison strafe Stone of Jordan... But jesus christ, I love this ring. I can't wait to get enough gold to buy a 10% spike traps cold damage SoJ.

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