Lvl 60 and farming lower dificulties

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I have a question regarding farming on levels below Inferno after hitting 60.I have been doing act 3 runs on MP10 on Nightmare for a long while looking for a Burzia-Do for my Scoundrel and I have not seen a single legendary drop at all.Now my question is:(and I am sure I am missing something)Do lower LvL legendary drops only happen relative to your lvl?, so a 40 crossbow wont drop for a 60 Char even though you are on the difficulty in which it can be found?.I understand rng is rng but,5 stacks and 350% MF and many hours helping friends lvl up, nothing to be found.I thought it might be to help keep botting under control.Other than that it seems strange..
It's based on monster level. Though it does seem strange that I seem to get a leg around 2 or 3 stacks and then nothing for the next 2 hours fairly often.
A friend help me rush my WD to 60 and he found at least a legendary per act

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