Do you think they should remake D1/D2?

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Or at least bring them to 2.0, let me hear what you think.
Won't happen. Blizzard doesn't make remakes.
I think that would be really cool. High def nostalgia is definitely worth $60 or whatever, and I'd beat Hell with a character or two, but I guarantee that I'd be spending more time playing D3.
D2 is a great game still. I wouldn't like an ultra HD version of D2 but some adjustments to obvious flaws and perhaps a little higher resolution (while keeping the close up view D2 has) - that'd be nice. D2 has a lot of good mods btw. They're not officially supported just so you know.
I would absolutely pay for a Diablo 1 remake. Not so much for the HD, but if it had the improvements to movement and combat from even Diablo 2 that would be a huge gain. It was the controls in Diablo 1 that caused me to not get far in it and abandon it. Diablo 2's control system (movement mainly) was just so much better, and Diablo 3's control scheme is even better than Diablo 2's.

Having it in Diablo 1 would rock.

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Would be cool with the new system of skills. i would buy it.
I wouldn't want it to be to similar. I played d2 for 10 years i needed something new i dont mind d3 with all the mistakes and broken ah its still fun. If they did remake d2 i would like to see 5 new characters that are incorporated into the story line was well and different quests and acts why not make ten acts.
Age of Empires 2 HD....definately going to buy that...

I guess i would also buy a remake of d1 and d2.

Both games look darker than d3....i like that a bit more..

dont get me wrong...d3 has nice details like breaking stuff (chairs/walls/etc)...but i rather have better enviroment than being able to interact with stuff...

for me the game is about looks and replayability
Nope d2 had it's 15 minutes of fame time to move on. It is just not worth the effort it would involve.
I would pay 100$ for a Diablo 1 HD with some new classes.

To each their own of course but Diablo 1 is basically unplayable given how much games have improved over the years. Diablo 2 is only 'ok' by today's standards.

Frankly if I wanted more D2 style game play I'd just play one of the many d2 clones out there.
D2 with updated graphics would be awesome.
03/31/2013 12:55 PMPosted by Sam
Or at least bring them to 2.0, let me hear what you think.
YES, they should update the graphics and physics of Diablo 2 and re-release it. would pay out the !@# for it
I still play D2 every few days so i wouldn't say no to a HD remake

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