The 1 hour Demonic Essence challenge

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I find it pretty funny that iam able out-farming MannerCookie's self proclaimed "best barb build" :)


anytime you want to make an official challenge vs me for essences or pvp I'm always around :)

and I'm quite sure I can break 40 essences per hour, will try more when I have time.
04/10/2013 08:45 AMPosted by Celanian
You can improve your yield slightly by giving your follower a puzzle ring. That should be 3 more gobs in 1 hr. And puzzle ring gobs are much easier to kill than regular gobs. If you're doing lower MPs, then give yourself one as well as long as it doesn't decrease your killing speed.

That won't work on these kinds of runs. A puzzle goblin won't spawn for the first 10-15 minutes of game play. If you are on DE runs, you won't be in game that long. You clear out your area (VOA, Warriors, whatever) and then exit game to repeat. I have one on my follower and I have to hang in game for a while to get it to go off. Its great if you are on a key run, but for a quick DE exit/entry run its useless.
Wow, nice run Det0x. I´ve updated the leaderboard. Hope you two are on good terms and see it as a fair challenge (rivalry) and don´t start some sort of flame war over it ;)

I´d also like to see some Warrior´s Rest numbers, anyone?
Wow, nice run Det0x. I´ve updated the leaderboard. Hope you two are on good terms and see it as a fair challenge (rivalry) and don´t start some sort of flame war over it ;)

I´d also like to see some Warrior´s Rest numbers, anyone?

Kind of like what I have going on with @Taross ;) I really do feel bad about all this hate filled crap in your thread but I will not back down from the school yard bully. I did nothing to that guy and he quoted my opinion followed by an extremely rude statement which basically said I have no idea about barbs or monks and I would need to be on the same level as him in order to understand them. He continues to get worse as the thread goes on. I feel I am only defending my self from that troll. If he agrees to quit the BS, i will let it die also.
@Taross you are a dip!@#$. Your arguments are as retarded as you are. The fact that I did not know what COTA stood for really has nothing to do with our argumen. It is your total lack of class and your ignorance that is perpetuating this arguement. Let me quote you again

i disagree my monk running COTA act 1 on rinse and repeat nets the same amount of DE's and legends as my barb on act 3 lvl 2 keep. If you look at my gearing both chars are pretty top end i think you need to know and understand both and have the same gear levels to know this.

You never once said anything about an mp level. You said your barb on keeps 2 can net the same amount of essences as your monk doing COTA runs. Keep depths 2 is a very large area with minimal elites in comparison to the size so if your monk and barb are getting the same net essences they you are doing it wrong with both of them. My point is that no one so far is hitting more than 36 essences/hour which right around where my noob monk is with 106k dps.

The fact that I have a bit less AR and a bit less health on my monk that I just hit 60 with two days ago and started gearing is your argument. Of course his gear sucks and he has low elite kills and I am a noob with a monk. This just furthers my point.

You talk about me mindlessly running low mps for no reward. You are mindlessly running the crypt of the ancients over and over. It does not get any more mindless than killing one elite and then restarting the game. This monks entire purpose is to run low mp's for essences. Nothing more. If I wanted loot, I would take my barb and farm as high as I want. I never once said I farmed low mp's for anything other than essences with anything other than my monk. Why would you assume that I also do that with my barb?

Why did you post links to threads that talk about high level mp farming with different builds? I have stated that this monk is made for speed to run low level mp's and you link 3 threads that talk about how you need different skills to run higher mps and @Druin said that bells is for a noob on mp 10. This is a very week argument since I never once said that I wanted to run anything higher than mp 4 or 5 at the highest but not if it reduced my speed at all. Also, you are running the same frigging build as my monk so why in the hell would you say bells is for noobs?

You initially called me out and clearly stated that I do not understand barbs or monks as you do. My limitations with my monk skills gear is simply due to limited experience and I am fairly close to you in terms of stats.You have had lots of time with your barb yet your build still sucks and you claim to 'know and understand both' You clearly do not understand your barb and you are still posting the barb forum as if you do.

None of my posts in the monk forum claim that I know what I am doing. The opposite actually. I clearly state I am a noob. You, however, just yesterday posted in a thread for someone who was wondering if they should make the jump from DW to 2H for a WW build and you told him that you prefer the dps from the skorn over DW. Your barbs tDPS is only 1.62m fully buffed. That guy you gave advice to had a fully buffed tDPS of 2.2m and his paper dps was 15k less than yours.

Your attempt to make me look like an %^- may be working in your eyes but I think most people can see through your BS. I have no intention of backing down and every time that I catch you spreading misinformation in the barb forum, I will be the first to tell you that you do not know what you are doing. The first piece of information that I am going to contest is this

This is so i get the ww break point for running a skorn and SOJ ya idiot. seems like i have to dumb things down so you have to understand.

Is that a better call out? ya idiot?

WTF are you talking about and what are you calling me out for? You are running a skorn with WW. Your paper dps is 233k but your fully buffed tDPS is 1.62m and you have the nerve to call me an idiot and say that you need to dumb it down for me. There is no way that adding another 9% IAS and a SOJ is going to double your barbs tDPS. It is still going to suck based on the level of your tDPS. That is the limitation of using WW with a slow 2H. This is the most rediculus thing that you have said so far. The only reason your monk would out tDPS your barb is because you do not know how to properly gear your barb based on the skills you are using.

Rather than me join your game why don't you do one of your runs with your monk and your barb and post a short video of each. You are claiming 35-45 essences an hour which I can believe based on what I have seen but why such a broad range? Have you ever actually done timed runs and measured it.

Let me rewind a bit. You said that your barb and monk net about the same essences per hour with your monk on COTA mp 10 and your barb on keep depths 2. Your barb is not going to even hit 35 an hour in keep depths 2 so your monk must equally suck on COTA runs. This brings me to my next point which is if your monk is netting as many as 45 an hour on mp 5 why would you bother doing single COTA runs on mp 10 for far less essences?

I just read the part where u said you didn't even know what COTA was above. After that i pretty much discounted any opinions that you have on a subject you yourself said you know nothing about. Thank you for agreeing with me. The rest of ur comments about aren't worth read so i guess ur comments are mute.

correct me if im wrong even though i didn't state mp level in the above first post would that make any difference? I mean my point is still valid if i compare the same mp for both runs.

another correction there is a big difference to mindlessly running low mp as opposed to running mid to high mps. net reward idiooot.

i posted links so you would at least have some knowledge of what your trying to argue with me about;) thats all i kinda feel bad for you.

Haha again you are wrong watch Druins stream on twitch tv he swaps between a nuke build and or ep bells build depending on what he wants to do that day. Both are fine. The bells build is better in COTA if you are trying to just dps down the elite while smashing whites in the process. If you also watch that stream every now and then ill make a cameo and give a special shout out to my wittle noob.

Why do i need to stream it to prove 35-45 de's per hour?? i have druin, draco & cayzer as vouches from the monk forums. Happy for you to add me and i will run how ever many VOTA runs on my monk and ill show you? ill be on tonight in around 10 hours time after work.

im pretty happy with how this argument is going as well. I enjoy making you look bad :)

Haha i win:) TY :)
^You are a douche. You have not proven anything except your willingness to dodge each point that I am trying to make while at the same time trying to belittle me in the hopes that you look better and take attention away from the facts. Typical bully. Enough said.
Heres some warriors rest numbers for ya.


Number of elites killed: 64
Number of essences: 24
Area and MP: MP9, warriors rest
DPS: 164k unbuffed (passives)/ 195k BR/ 494 Wrathed

Theoretical essences I should have gained: 22.6, so I was on par with 24.

Really wasnt bad, I found a lot of legs as well, 7 I think total, Mempo also (hope it has crit!)
I used Unforgiving, and 12% MS, 12% was enough to get off BR, make it to the elite and start pummeling them, no waiting.

Run were very short, more time spent entering and exiting the game rather than fighting. Also used a ruby in Skorn.

Very short video:
@Taross and KillerElite, would you two kindly take your bickering elsewhere. I'm sure no one has bothered to read your walls of text (I certainly haven't) and they're not adding anything to this thread.

Both of you guys know what you're doing so just let it go.
I am going to be the bigger man and drop it. Not worth arguing with a bully. For the third time in this thread, I do apologize. Sincerely. I let him get the better of me and I stooped to his level. No one wins when that happens. @Taross you should learn by example.
Warrior's rest @ MP10 --

15 min
13 elites --> 52 per hour
880K DPS with WotB:Insanity
Theoretical essence per hour: ~20.2
I couldn't do an hour of this without slamming my head into the keyboard. I couldn't believe it was taking over 1 minute per elite. I think a big factor here is load time on my machine.

VotA @ MP5, plus black canyon and road to alcarnus - Just did these runs. My fps is down to 8 for some reason, so that was slowing me down quite a bit. I also stopped to sell rares after each run (included in the total time)

27 min (4 runs)
46 elites --> 102 per hour
310K dps with battle rage
Theoretical essence per hour: ~24.7

Getting a block of 1 hr to play is rare... so this is about all the data I can get :-)

Did another run @ mp5 while streaming, got a bit RNG fuk'd on on elites at end but still much room for improvement, still died once.

got 38.169087 @ MP5

158 Elite Kills (1 Death)

Going to test out MP6 next.
136 elites
31 essence
Full buffed dps ~368k
99% Move Speed
Not a great run... but oh well.

Big believer in Wrath and Rend. The extra 15% move speed from Vanguard is awesome. Highly recommend it (Bash is not good for these runs, imo). Frenzy is great for VotA. Trying to find a way to put Leap in the skill set but would need to drop WW or Rend. Preferred Animosity to Ruthless - on MP5, it's easy to drop some damage.

If I died (happened 2x) I exited immediately and restarted a new run. If I lost wrath early, I started a new run.

Ran clockwise and ignored the southern corners for the most part (felt like it was too much back tracking b/c visibility isn't as good up and down as it is left to right). Got WW to 10 ticks per second (for improved fury gen). Tried 5 set IK but my IK gear stinks. Not that my AS gear is much better... (

I can't seem to avoid a WW / Wrath build. Tried several different builds without Wrath. But the 20% movespeed from wrath is awesome. Tried a low level Rend / HoTA / Marathon that fully buffed was 109% move speed but couldn't keep Wrath going.
happy to let things drop. There are actually only a few idiots on these forums where i have actually enjoyed arguing.

You have now joined the ranks of:


listed in the following thread:


If you know anything about some of violentines hilariously bad posts and or poor arguments you are in esteemed company. Sometimes he provides values but he has had some classics on the monk and barb forums in the past.
Did another run @ mp5 while streaming, got a bit RNG fuk'd on on elites at end but still much room for improvement, still died once.

got 38.169087 @ MP5

158 Elite Kills (1 Death)

Going to test out MP6 next.

i find mp5-6 optimal you are quite efficient gaining those numbers as a barb Manner Grats!

Any char getting close to the 40+ mark is doing things well. Its just a few smal tweaks here and there after that.
First run @ MP6, !@#$ died once again lol.

143 essences @ MP6 (1 death)

38 essences picked up

19 total runs cleared

37.99998345 Essences per Hour
hey manner are the vids up on ur stream yet?
04/10/2013 08:58 PMPosted by Taross
hey manner are the vids up on ur stream yet?

k done for tonight, try some more another time, but yea done for now the video shoudl be up on twitch in a bit.

1 video is up

cheers mate

that is some epic rend ticks on mp6 they literally melt very nice!

lol on ur song choice too kill everybody skrillex lol very appropriate
I also believe that MP5, 6 is best. I think clear times reflect those are optimal (unless you have gear like Det0x). Going to try with an Bloodthirst build instead of Animosity and forgo the LS EF in favor of my faster CD EF on MP6.

Going to keep the 99% move speed. Seems to be very helpful.
Ok did another VOTA and Black Canyon Mines run today on MP7.

Elites - 104
DE - 26
DPS - 265K with Battle rage and 400 (approx., keep forgetting to look sorry) with WOTB + 6/30 SOJ

Thanks for motivating me to farm :)

Oh Ya... Build....

Frenzy Maniac, Hota Smash, Rend Lacerate, Spint RLTW, Battle Rage Into the Fray, WOTB Thrive

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