Speed "Crackhead" XP/Item WD Farming Build

Witch Doctor
This was originally just a reply to @the5rites question, but I thought it was written well enough to be put under the WD Index Builds and Guides

Fast and efficient for:
-low mp paragon grinding (really fast. 90-100m xp/hour with full %xp gear)
-low mp gold finding (lots of pickup radius will up the efficiency a lot)
-low mp item farming (keep and eye on mini map as to not miss a leg drop)

-it gets old because you are doing runs that fast (4 min runs is easy to achieve)

Macro 1 : Horrify/Stalker
Macro 2: Spirit Walk/Jaunt
Macro 3: Soul Harvest/Vengeful Spirit
Macro 4: Garg/Humungoid

Left Mouse:Bears
Right Mouse:Acid Cloud/Acid Rain, Manitou, Dogs/Burning Dogs

Passives:Gruesome Feast, Grave Injustice, Spirit Vessel

-at least 20 pick up radius (Thing of the Deep offhand)
-4 piece Zuni set if you're having mana problems (you shouldn't; Gruesome feast & Grave Injustice will take care of your mana)
-at least 100k sheet dps
-decent ehp (enough that you shouldn't die more once/hour if you're on starter setup)

Enchantress follower with Maximus

***pop Horrify and Spirit Walk, once you reach a mob, pop Soul harvest (if positioned correctly, this should one shot the mob, procing Grave Injustice refreshing all your cooldowns immediately)

*** walk to next mob, hit them with Bears or Acid Rain (bears are cheaper on mana, so just hold left click, move in front of next mob in area and just press 'shift' a couple of times to kill mobs). I used Burning Dogs on right click when I was xp farming instead of Manitou or Acid Rain. If you do opt for Acid Rain, having more than 20 yard pickup radius will be needed to make sure your kills and health globes will be procing Grave Injustice & Gruesome Feast to keep feeding your mana.

***Once area is clear, pop Horrify and Spirit Walk again to reach next area with mob clusters in map.

***Rinse and repeat

***Don't worry about strays left over from mobs, your Burning Dogs, Garg (with his Cleave), Firechains from Maximus and Demon from Maximus will kill them for you.

***As you get a better hang of the build and how to position yourself before popping Soul Harvest, it can get to a point that most of what you're doing is Horrify - Spirit Walk - Soul Harvest - and just a few Bears cast here and there, particularly on an Elite pack.

***If you want more speed, you can switch Garg or Dogs with Hex/Angry Chicken. I've tried running with this combo but preferred the Garg on for his Cleave ability which can clear a trash mob with one blow. Feel free to switch it up tho, paragon leveling can get tedious and that one small change can help keep the WD from going stale. Other fun option is Manitou with Pyrogeist combo. Not as efficient, but it is an interesting combo.

Arreat Crater 2 (map is easy to predict where to go)
Keep Depths 2 (TP to town if you hit a dead end)
Rakkis Crossing (go backwards)

you can clear those 3 areas with the build above in 4 minutes or less easy. Try to avoid backtracking.

also it is possible to have decent ehp and 100k dps on WD and STILL rock Cain's Set 3 Piece, Hellfire and Leorics efficiently in mp0-1.

Fun as hell, but it can get pretty mindnumbing after doing it over and over and over.

This is also a very efficient gold/gear farming build on low mps. Run this with like 50 yard pick up radius and you'll get pretty much all the gold that drops without thinking about it. Keep your eye out on mini map tho so you don't miss any legendaries that drop since you move through so fast with the run.

I personally used this build and route from pl 0-78 before I jumped to Zero Dogs build for mp10 runs to finish 78-100. I experimented a lot with the build, using different skill combinations, trying different route combinations, but this by far is the best combination of skills/route for speed paragons/low mp item farming imo. Used 3 piece Cains, Hellfire and Leorics on mp1. It works, and it works well.

Good luck and have fun.
trying this right now, really enjoying it! Not sure if i will ever make it in 4 mins per run, but still much faster than anything I tried before :)
Excellent post, thanks a lot!
any speed build needs angry chicken!
Thanks to LordAmsa, I got 26 paragon levels in 2 days with this build. It's a great build with enough wiggle room to experiment and have fun with. I went with vampire bats instead of bears, because despite being weaker, it triggers damage faster, negates reflect damage if you don't have a weapon with lifesteal, and goes through waller unlike bears. I'm playing on mp0-1 so higher mp level should probably stick with bears. Also, they are upping the mana cost of triggering bats next patch so I'm not sure how viable in speed runs it will be.
If you are running for XP or legendaries, then I find that using Locust Swarm Pestilence works even better than dogs/rain/manitou for the flex slot.

Using swarm, you jaunt/stalk up to mobs, drop a locust swarm on them, hit soul harvest, and if it resets your jaunt/stalk, you just sprint on to the next group letting your locust swarm kill everything. Otherwise you bust out the bears to kill enough to reset the timer and move on. Just check the map for legendaries before zoning out.

You just need to experiment a bit to find what MP level your swarm can solo kill mobs at, and it works best with a big 2 handers, ie Skorn.

You can also use the bears to quickly burn down elites. And I like to start the run with Core of Arreat to get the quick 2-3 stacks of Nef Valor before running Ac2, keeps2, rakiis. I also sometimes add keeps 3 and Stonefort (the zone to the left of the waypoint, no the part for the key run).
That's the fun part about this build, the flexibility. If anything, this is more a speed fundamentals guide than a speed build guide just because of the sheer openness of customization. I only posted the spec/route I have found to be the most efficient for xp/gold/legendaries in my own test parameters. I have tested Angry Chicken and have found that it's superior for speed, running distance wise, but I don't get as much out of it because I miss out on a significant amount of kills. Same with Alk route, extended Alk route and modified Alk route. The difference is about 10-15m xp/hour and at least 1 leg/2hours vs running the big 3 areas (this is with full regard of NV stacks bonuses). This partly due to the time running from mob to mob added vs just sheer mob density efficiency which greatly affects your xp/gold/legendary ratio/hour. As with Locust Swarm, this was a very good second contender; esp in Keeps 2. You can easily get 200-250 kills in one blow bonus with this. Only thing it hindered is my capability to pick up gems and level 63 rares since when they drop, I am so far away to see them. When a Leg does drop, running back also takes a chunk of time. Disregarding drops and only concentrating on XP running, it is superior, and will even be more superior once the next patch hits with the mob density change. As I said tho, experiment and have fun! There have been so many times that I stopped caring about "efficiency" just for a change of pace in the playstyle and a change of scenery just because of the boredom level I reached. Which turned up to be a good thing because the boredom is what inspired me to experiment a lot... a f****** lot. Lol. Grind away fellow WDs!
trying this right now, really enjoying it! Not sure if i will ever make it in 4 mins per run, but still much faster than anything I tried before :)
Excellent post, thanks a lot!

The big 3 areas: 4 mins, versions of Alk route: 6-8 min and yes, I am very confident that you and anyone can hit this numbers if you decide to really see the limits of your WD. Glad you find the post a good read! Good luck!
This is pretty much the exact speed lvling build I wrote a guide on a few months back. if any one can post the link here it has a lot more info and also a few clips and gearing tips.
This build is a very old build. A lot of people use this for farming as it is more efficient than farming mp10 for de and items.
i do a acid cloud ( acid rain ) at 150k on mp 3 solo runs in act 3 keep/battlements-stonefort / bridge - with this you can one shot room by room then mob by mob - this was pretty fast for me but i don't have the patience for doing the runs thou - on mp 6 with zero dog is fast xp too

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