Gear advice for archon

I've just recently come back to playing and had only 5m so I geared up my wizard. I saw yodatoys epic archon build and decided to try and archon. The issue is my DPS isn't high enough to sustain archon for long, so I had to adjust my skills to make it viable outside of archon for long periods of time. Also my ehp is not good enough to survive in MPs over 2 or 3. Right now I don't have any gold, but I just want some advice and item goals to farm towards, because right now I'm not sure what stats/items to upgrade to.
Here is my advice from my limited understanding of Archon.

You need to get crit chance as high as possible. That means gloves, rings, ammy, helm, source, and bracers

You need to get crit damage as high as possible. Ammy, Rings, gloves, weapon, and witching hour

You add speed where possible

You need to stack all res and armor, All res on the zuni boots, and armor or all res on witching hour both is nice but expensive.

Also you should look for a double vitality zuni chest.

Add strength and or vitality to the shoulders

Craft some bracers with high intel, all res, crit chance, armor, and vit

Finally you need to get a black weapon with life steal to maximize your elemental damage. On low budgets I recomend searcing for avg damage, life steal, and crit damage. Without a socket you can get a pretty good dps deal now. Of course you evetually want the open socket to go with those other stats and really up your dps.
Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely start working towards that stuff!

As for legendary/set items, I should stick with zuni boots, chest and I'll keep the ring to help with res until I have more money.
Should I stay with mempos or should I try to get a rare with at least crit chance, int and a socket? I know mempos with CC are super expensive.
And primarily I'll try and stack up all my vit on chest shoulders and bracers, but is that the only place I should add vit? My 28k health gets me killed very fast if I run into a tough pack
I would look to add vit in every slot possible. You might look at a storm crow helm as it will help grant dps, I peronally would also consider a Tal Rasha Helm for the cheap source of CC and open socket look for one with a vit roll as well and you can gain some nice life there. The big problem is going to be the ehp loss from mempo. Until you have the money to afford a cc mempo though you gotta make up for the ehp in other areas. Also upgrade your gems it makes a bigger difference than you think. I personally love the litany ring with speed and cc. The elite damage reduction coupled with the ar make it a super tank of a ring. Try to find a cc pox to replace your current one. I agree shoulders chest and bracers are easy places to stack the vit but every little bit helps. If I were you though my primary goal right now would be to stack ar you should really be at about 750 ar 4500 armor and 40k plus hp. Those stats should get you through mp3-5.

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