Creating notes for items(possible addition to a patch?)

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I was thinking, imagine you could make a note beside an item in your stash lets say. For example, you know that an item is worth 200k or more so you just imbed a note in it so you can save for later and sell on the auction house. There are so many times when I forget and just want to put things up on the AH fast instead of thinking about everything all over again.
Your thoughts?
Interesting idea. That would probably require more data storage (and UI space), but I'm happy to pass it on.
Maybe we could have a small notebook instead. You could take notes so you wouldn't forget. It could be implemented as the 4th stash tab (notebook icon).
04/17/2013 11:53 AMPosted by Greenhell
Its at least a small way a person could customize his game too, I have a notebook of d2 items (runeword discoveries, horadric recipes etc..)from years ago.

The runewords you discovered by yourself were the most awesome moments in LoD for me, even though I only discovered two low level one (Nef-Tir and Tir-El if I recall correctly, I don't remember their names, one of them was Nadir I think). But then I we had an dial up net connection, so I could check if there are more. I think I was extremely lucky figuring out that two, the possible variations were countless :-D
Thanks :)!

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