4piece inna 200k dps?

Is it possible to hit 200k dps unbuffed with 4 inna pieces?

I have no idea what to upgrade anymore to gain another 15k dps except getting to paragon lvl 100...

Please someone enlighten me on what to get.
Possible. You need more IAS on the amulet, rings, glove. not much 18%IAS would makes you to reach 202k dps unbuff.
You'll definitely need black weapons. A common misconception is that Inna's Favor is poor, outside of using it to achieve 4pc. What it lacks is actually defense, not offense. Given proper conditions it can actually match up pretty competitively with the best WH offensively.
i do have black weapons...both of them dont have elemental dmg
So i guess i gotta go back to crafting some good trifecta gloves and amulet to hit that?
Possible!! go2x!! =)
EZPZ -- all other pieces need to be sick (AD/CC/CD/AS)

EDIT: why 4pc? This isn't KFC... forget 4pc unless you have a serious HO for TR... lost it already..
The problem though is that neither EF nor WKL are black weapons, thats why wh may be the better choice and the better your gear gets the better wh gehts anyway, spirit regeneration profits from ias so wh wins on good gear, that doenst mean that full inna aint a good choice and its possible to reach 200k dps with it of course:)

Comparing inna vs wh and rating stats vs allresist and so on, with a black weapon the inna competes well against the wh, but its the same price then:D
Honestly if you are going to use innas and cannot afford a crit mempo I suggest going with this set up.

Inna's Helm
Inna Pants
Nats boots
Nats ring
Rare chest
Witching hour
BOA bracers
BOA neck (or good rare)
BOA gloves (or good rare)

Echo w/ high 200 dex+crit damage or socket
WKL w/ high crit damage or socket + 2.5 life steal

Obviously if you want to go with dual life steal that is also an option. I prefer to risk my life with 1 source of life steal as it seems to be more fun.

EDIT: Also, HALF...you sir are wrong. Echo is black damage. WKL is Lightning.
EF is black since no elemental damage -- I hated until I got one -- also, find a decent WH it will serve you well
Y ppl suggesting WH or Mempo?

4pic here with only 1.18 aps and 210 k dps with 29% elite SOJ
Jababa you can get close to 300K DPS with 4 piece Innas set.

A Dex/Vit rolled belt can compete with WH and the set bonus helps helm compete with Mempo. If you get a Dex/Vit Temp, which is crazy expensive, they are the highest DPS pants in the game.

As for the support pieces, a Tri/Quad Nats with high Dex boots as well as a black damage rare weapon/EF will help out Favors 8% Holy Damage.

BoA will provide the Dex and eHP needed to break 200K without being a glass cannon.

A Tri/Quad amulet will provide brunt of the DPS. Hell if you rolled a Quad right now you would break 200k with that alone.

Now the trick is breaking 200K with Inna's, and SOJ and a WKL. Do that and your eDPS will be close to or over 300K with a cookie cutter build!

I used to run ~235k with a 4p inna's set before i sold off my gear... so its definitely possible.

Things I see lacking are:
-Better gem quality - upgrading to radiant star emeralds in your chest and pants will gain you an easy 2k dps
-Your EF is somewhat low dps, you should aim for a 1180-1200 dps EF
-You are missing 100 dex on your boots, that is a huge chunk of dps that you are sacrificing for 40 resistances. Not worth it in my opinion.
-another damage modifier on your amulet would help heaps... either attack speed or avg damage (+30-60 or so) +min damage or +max damage alone is pretty worthless.. you need +xx-xx for it to be worthwhile. I always search for average damage of at least 37 to weed these out.
-Bracers only have 3.5% crit. You should have 5-6% minimum on bracers. You are missing out on a lot of dps here.

make a couple of these changes and your DPS will jump a bunch.
Very possible. I have 4pc Innas w/Skorn and hit 240k dps.
I'm basically in the exact same predicament. I'm using inna's 4 piece and 2 black damage weapons, and I'm stuck around 180-185k unbuffed dps.

I'd like to keep the 4 set bonus, and the one handers I'm using now, and increase my dps above 200k unbuffed. Is that possible? What piece should I look to replace first?

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