Servers down?? Error 33??

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Server just went down for me instantly.. getting error 33... anyone explain?? or getting this as well??
wtf i just got this too
yep same here

** thanks god i havent open the portal yet. lmao
just tried logging in same issue...
booom it just hit me too
I'm getting it too....the server status page says the us servers are up?
Same. Damn u Blizz
I'm getting the same thing. It wasn't bringing up my hero list for a while, now it's telling me that the server is down. The status check says that it's fine, so I don't understand what's going on
I love how they don't give us any update at all or tell us that the server is going down.. WTF?? Blizzard please explain..
Likewise. And server status tells me servers are up :/
Server was acting up an hour or two before the shut down. All bids displayed being at 0g.
same problem. getting error 3007. while in the middle of a run. how the hell am i d/c due to being inactive. garbage. server maintenance broke everything.
the game is working for me but it is lagging hard
lucky i just finished my run (affects hardcore worse)

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