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Why are we focusing on something (Grouping) that doesn't really affect the entire playing population? Not everyone is interested in playing in groups or making friends, id rather unwind and play at my own pace when i do get a chance to play. Don't get me wrong, these changes seem really good for people interested in grouping.

BUT ...

Itemization affects EVERYONE, can we hurry that along please?
I have a suggestion for hardcore mutliplayer.... and to fix death because of lag.

Why not make it so when someone has a latency jump to 500 or something auto kick them in the first second without waiting 10 seconds?
For Match-making tags. Have one that says 'custom route'. you choose the route before the game, if others like the route they join. probably too hard to do that tho.
why devs refuse to make thing like we want they be?, we are the ones playing the game not them.
i dont understand the point of that, perhaps we dont know the faults of the game and they do, but we are the ones playing the game

Guess what, not all players share your opinions about the game. Don't act as if you speak for everyone.
well i'm pretty sure all PLAYER agree with my points, they are just adding minor fixes but not the things we want..
if you're going to troll me do it better.
Really want to be able to warp between acts. Sick of getting 5 NV stacks to farm one key warden and hit keeps lv2 over and over and over and over. Would be so much better if I could get my five stacks then hit all the key wardens, keeps lv 2, vota, etc. just to change it up a bit. I really miss D2 and being able to farm the entire game in one sitting, or just the stuff I want to farm from different acts. Potentially going to load it up again and roll a necro for fun because this crap just becomes too dull.

Itemization really needs to be done. The amount of totally worthless legs is stupid. I'm at like 30 legs this week and zero of them could even be sold. Granted with the horror stories I've heard I should be thankful for my self found AR/CC lacunis. Rares are even more a joke. I pick up rares, don't ID them and take them to the blacksmith to salvage so I can craft stuff.

If items have their stats rolled when they drop, we need an npc to 'ID all' like last year. I mean, I literally just remembered that cain in D2 ID'd all instantly for you and that game is how old?

What's up with companies putting years into a game and making it good then making a 'new installment' and carrying ZERO of the good systems/ideas over? It's happening everywhere.
How about making the existing areas more randomized?
Fixing the itemization?
Adding a survival arena where u fight waves of monsters?
Raising the cap of players to 6, maybe 8?

Wait what, you can't do that cause you actually need to put some real work on it? I thought so.

Here's one for you: release D2 in HD edition and give every D3 player a free copy. HAHAHA J/K Blizzard, you wouldn't do this to your precious RMAH
All the changes sound good but...

1. 10% GF and 10% MF? That is a typo right? That bonus isnt even worth mentioning. Even the experience bonus for party play isnt high enough IMO.. It should be 50% per additional player and the MF and GF should also be 50% per player at least!

2. I am trying to figure out why these patches take forever .. Is D3 built with spaghetti code? How many months has it been since 1.07? It is ridiculous IMO.
I'll see you guys next year when the game is patched again. I'm tired of beta testing. Band-aid after Band-aid and still no signs of a real arpg.

Go ahead and check my profile... I've played quite a lot. It's time to move on...
04/02/2013 04:43 PMPosted by Lylirra
I play a mix of co-op and solo

omg, have i seen u before in game? XD
I'm thinking we should get portraits like in SC2 instead of silly banners that nobody looks at anyway. Portraits could be achievement oriented, or based on how many kills in PVP you get... idk something. I just am sick of seeing the same icon for every single user on the forums that isn't using his WOW portrait or his SC2 one.
Fix the constricted roaming experience. Why DO I HAVE TO DO QUESTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I just want to farm, get items, PVP.
make the world free roaming, I want to do things on my own and not OH HEY YOU WANT TO KILL DIABLO?? TOO BAD YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH MOBS AND OTHER USELESS THINGS. YOU CANT SKIP IT.
let us skip some things is what im trying to say.


You may not have a timeline (understandable), but based on the notion that "some of the changes are pretty substantial" you must have a pretty good description of what these changes will entail, since they can categorized by substantiality.

How about embracing transparency and sharing what those changes might be? Rational people understand that the list might (and probably will) change, so please don't be skittish because "people might get mad if we change what we said."
Our recent [url=""]Itemization Update[/url] goes into quite a lot of detail about the myriad of itemization changes we're considering, so I'd suggest reading through that particular development blog for more info if you haven't already. :)

Edit: Yep, read the update. Hrm, that sucks. Gonna be farming for legendaries that'll be obsolete by the time the patch containing the itemization changes does roll out? Oh well, guess the bonus coop XP'll still be nice.
I usually play solo. I rather enjoy playing solo. When I do multiplayer, it's to carry (okay, was, I'm currently looking at transitioning to Monk so my DH is half naked right now) my few friends/family who still play through things like MP5 A3 (for the seriously undergeared ones) or in the case of my little brother's Archon wiz, getting him murdered a bunch in CotA MP10 >.>

I certainly do not mind a few buffs for Multiplayer. I just don't want to feel that I'm gimping myself by playing solo (whether because I feel like it or because none of my friends/family are online), any more than anyone else wants to feel like they're gimping themselves in Multiplayer. Neither should be the case.

Multiplayer should be slightly more beneficial, it should be a good idea to multiplayer. But it shouldn't be to an extent that a solo player feels they are wasting their time. It used to be too far in the other direction, players had to be of almost identical power for neither to lose out by multiplaying, that has already been improved a fair bit, and I don't object to small further improvements.

Reductions in the health enemies gain for each player in Multiplayer are effectively exp and drop rate improvements. Enemies die faster. When players are of reasonably similar gear levels, enemies die much faster, due to synergy between classes. You're now adding some exp and MF/GF (and allowing those to go over the cap) on top of that. It just...sounds like it may be a little much.

Any chance of some follower buffs?

Please don't nerf Monster health for multi-player. If anything, buff monster strength in single player. Many people already faceroll MP10, in single and more so in multiplayer. We don't need the game to become easier and mind-numbing.

Or add 10 more MP levels.
Blizzard has a strong desire to act paternalistic when they accede to the demands of the player base.

The player base is often right, as witnessed by Blizzard's reversal on itemization and annoyances of id'ing garbage loot. However there is no way in hell Blizzard will incorporate player demands without putting their spin on it. So we'll have an 'id all', but it'll be an annoying 'id all' that we'll have reason to gripe about later.

It's in the same vein as how they reduced the id time to 1s for each rare, but then increased the id time to 4s for legendaries. WTF was the thinking behind that?
I think the bigger problem with Multiplayer is that skills just don't synergize well across players. And for the skills that do synergize, they take too long to set up, they're boring and/or just not that effective.

Most of the "synergy" is pop an aura/shout and buff the group. Yeah?

We do have "tank" characters, which would make things interesting, if tanking was at all a reliable option. There are too many monsters, gameplay is too fast, and stuff hits too hard to really sacrifice mitigation and rely on an ally to tank.

This game isn't really set up to heal/tank, and that's fine. It's a sacrifice we make for having a fast paced single player experience.

And the wizard passive Cold Blooded. That has potential When I first saw that I was super excited. I thought, "YES! Someone else can setup the chill while I do the damage!" Except Wizards are the only class that can reliably chill enemies. /facepalm

And there were things that ARE fun. The most memorable moments for me were back in the beginning when we would group things up with Cyclone Strike or Ground Stomp/Wrenching Smash and then drop a meteor on them all. Except that just isn't that effective now.

The 0 CD zombie dog/last gift, sacrifice coupled with passives that regenerate resources on health globe pickup is one of the better group synergies. Of course, you don't exactly see that WD build that often either. We need more synergy like that.


Really, I think it's better to put in some more synergy so Multiplayer is FUN. Don't tweak the knobs. That just makes things more Skinner Box.

Put in some combo attacks!

For Example:
Allow frost attacks to make enemies "brittle" and have a chance to shatter and die when hit by other class abilities.

Stacking Bleeds/DoTs "wound" the enemy so multiple bleeds/DoTs hit multiplicatively harder.

Multiple snares/roots can "daze" enemies turning a slow into a stun.

If you fear an enemy, sets it up for dream eater type attacks. Maybe Witch Doctor Soul Harvest hits harder. DH Marked for Death hits for static damage or something.

Maybe give a Critical Mass type effect to certain passives, but only apply the CD reduction to OTHER players.


TL/DR: Make Multiplayer FUN, not some risk/reward tweak. Don't make this a better skinner box.

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