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Captain: Your IAS is pretty maximum now when you changed your tal's chest. I think your monk action swiftly. Yes, you are still the master of shenlong (9.5/10)

Xeno: I love your hellfire so much. I think you can upgrade all your gems, and may try to change WH belt with vit and ar can helping much dps and ehp. (8.5/10)

Kel: I love tals chest, because it can help me IAS. On the hands, I don't have enough gold buy mempo. It is because all my gears were self-found or gold obtaining from drop selling. You have great gear, so I can't find any necessary gear upgrading to you. (9.8/10)
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ManUnited - 10/10!! cause I'm a Man Utd Fan!!!!!
Very nice monk :) I'm a bit jealous 9.9/10
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Will: still have many buffers to increase CC and CD! (7.7/10)

Good looking monk, pretty well rounded... nice work.


Nice monk. Perhaps Nat ring and boots for the 7% increase to crit?


pretty monk there love ur AR, nothing much to point out but i believe u can craft a better glove. 9.5/10
9.8/10 ... really nice gears. although i dont understand no mantra conviction
04/10/2013 09:59 AMPosted by Pete
9.8/10 ... really nice gears. although i dont understand no mantra conviction

haha i find that i can survive better with backlash build, i use overawe with wol sometimes

just replying nxt monk pls rate pete

Life after kill on a few slots, nice!

Could increase your res higher. EHP kinda low, perhaps this is not your main gear?


I like most of your gear i'm just confused with the ik set. I feel there might be better choices for ehp and dps.

I like most of your gear i'm just confused with the ik set. I feel there might be better choices for ehp and dps.

You're just seeing one of them, main is still trifecta glove with inna chest.


Moving on and rate Dro
@ Dro Nice monk he seems very new, if this is you first monk welcome to the family! The only thing that really stands out is unless your going for a TR build with a 4 set of Inna's a witching hour would be a decent dps boost for you. Other then that your farther ahead a para9 then I was. 7.5/10
@Dro 8/10 looking decent. I wonder why you didnt pick up an Innas helm with spirit regen if you are going 4 full innas. Also, Ice climbers can be nice, but its causing you to use a Lacunis which would be much better replaced with some crafted bracers. Pretty good EF. Your resists seem a little low, may want to start looking for an AR Innas chest with comperable stats to your current - but thats pricey!
Well I was going to go TR but it seems to be a lower mp build and I wanted to mainly have another melee option for ubers and also pvp. I have a 26% 6%/6% sweeping winds w/ 2.2 SR SOJ which I just equipped currently and sold my high spirit regen inna's helm. I have about 200m to spend, thinking about picking up nats ring/boot and a nice witching hour, although I hate giving up the -70 SW cost.

*durka* 9/10
I really like your inna's helm, I want one like it. Great all around build with nice ehp and dps.

*pehonix* 8.5/10
like me you are a little low on vit but you make up for it with the extra AR. Have you looked into a xepherian amulet for more SR?
@Dro: Yeah on Zeph Amulet, but totally broke atm. It will be awhile, aside from some D3 Lottery, before I can do that. Also my current amulet is making up a good chunk of my poor hps :)

not bad of a TR build 7/10. Try to get a SOJ, or about 5% more crit chance.
What MP do you run TR? 1? or higher? It seems like you have the resist to run higher mp w/ TR. mp5?

@RealDX, You look pretty solid IMO, but not really my playing type (too boring). 8/10
@Ellicit I run on MP5 pretty comfortably. I do have an SOJ (its only 2% tempest rush, bleh) but the problem is I'd either have to give up my hellfire or my nats set. Its a tough call. What would you do?

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