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After a break from SC, I've come back to finish Inferno (done) and farm my first Hellfire ring.

I found a good Uber guide to how the fights go ( )
but it still leaves me with a few questions I haven't been able to find answers to.

I'm 1 key away from 6 machines, and would like to see if I can do it myself instead of asking for an MP10 carry.

So far, my biggest worry is dps check. With the limited funds I had, I bought gear styled on a HC model of not dying. So far I've done as high as MP 5 in Act 4, but wasn't happy with how long it took to kill stuff. I was able to do Act 4 Warden runs on MP 3 comfortably with my current build.

I'm wondering, with the gear on my Barb and say 100k dps (my estimated average with rend ticking on 1 target and modified build at max rage), what would be an ideal MP I can do. I was thinking of aiming for MP 5-7, but I'm not sure I could do the Kule fight without hitting enrage (since I have no idea what the MP0 health base of the bosses are).

I also have questions on certain rune choices.

I plan to use this build for the run:!ZXc!cZZbaZ

I'm thinking Maniac for Frenzy since stunning Ubers doesn't seem to be a must with enough sustain.

I plan to keep bloodlust for Rend for substain.

For WotB, I plan to keep the increased dmg rune but I'm not sure if increased duration may be better over the long run.

I'm considering earthquake with no rage cost as a filler, maybe charge for Kule, any input?

For passives, since I'll have rend as my major fury spender, I took Berserker Rage, and Inspiring Presence for sustain.

Overall, with 1677 LoH, about 2300 Life per second with Presence, and rend/revenge heals, I think I should be more than fine on the Ubers fight for surviving and leave me decent skills to get my 5 stacks (which may be harder depending on MP level).

I realize my gear could also be better, but I've spent all my money trying to get gem achievements :(

I appreciate any advice/input people can add to help me get that ring myself :)

Edit: Advice doesn't need to be Barb specific, I have Wiz/WD at 60(0) I could try with, they have more dps but less survivability. But knowing numbers also helps a lot.
Add me in game JimmyJump#1146 I can give you some advice

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