Paladin vs. Templar

Lore and Story
What is the difference? Is the Paladin stronger because he has more spells?
I wondered why the followers are so weak compared to the hero, even with great items. Despite the obvious "not gonna kill for you" reason, maybe it's a way to show the difference of nephalem and humans. Templars are good, for a human.

Of course that doesn't explain why in Diablo 1/2 humans kicked !@#, but maybe they were nephalem aswell.

Maybe a nephalem class > human class.
The Paladin from D2 belonged to the last pure sect of the Zakarum Religion. His group of holy warriors knew that the Church's leadership was corrupt after seeing the Zakarum Inquisition, and they left right before Kurast fell. Because they missed this collapse, they drew their powers from the Light, and retained their purity.

The Templar belongs to a corrupt fragment of the original corrupt church, a fragment that tortures initiates and brainwashes them until they are blind zealots with no memory of their past lives. This order is likely ruled by demons, or men corrupted by demons like the Councilmen of Travincal.

Ignoring the possibility of the D2 pally being Nephalem, it would make sense that the warrior with a pure, untainted contact with the Light would greatly overpower the mind-wipe zealot who learned to use his powers through the teachings of secret demon worshipers.

See <> for more detailed info.

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