I'm I the only one SICK of PTR's

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Not sure how I feel about the new patch notes... I'm really liking Identify All should have been there from the start...all those seconds wasted identifying crap lol..

The thing that gets me is Blizzards slowness.. then they put out a PTR, which in a since is getting us to test there work for free, because you can't take over anything you find, which is !@#$ing retarded. I really don't understand that, why not let us have the items we find in the PTR for testing your patches with players time... I really don't understand why this patch needs a PTR for weeks. Hell even patch 1.0.7 didn't need it for as long as it was for, something like 3 weeks, doesn't blizzard play their game at all. I swear if they have this til May 14th... ;____; Just stop being so slow blizzard please.

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Yes, and lets get rid of Betas too. Software bugs never appear and number adjustments never needs to happen. Developers wave their magic wands and stuff just happens and is 110% perfect, first time, every time.
i just played this for about 10 minutes and ive had my fill. Only good changes were the ones that tell you when your party just found an "e" and ID all. Does this need a PTR? NO! so blizz dont take two weeks to get this patch out and another 3 months for the item patch
Also remember the 1.0.7 hotfix to stop Demonic Essences from trading? It's not like they fix the patch before they release it, even with a 3 week PTR.
Not all patches will be released to the PTR, but it's an incredibly helpful tool for whenever we're making changes that can truly benefit from player testing and feedback. For example: monster density. We can also use the PTR to iterate quickly on content based on player suggestions (see the Ruby changes from 1.0.7, as well as cost adjustments for the crafted items).

I can understand that you're not personally in favor of PTRs, but we still feel they're beneficial to have and will continue to use them whenever we feel it's meaningful. Thanks for your input, though!

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