Error 10017: Error when creating the game?

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I understand there are a lot of login issues so I'll just play Skyrim in the meantime, but anyone else getting the same issue after the authentication errors were resolved?

Have you tried exiting the game entirely and restarting it? There aren't any lingering issues that I'm aware of since the auth issue was resolved.
yes i have multiple times

I'm seeing what I can find out and letting the admins know some people are still having trouble. There's a lot playing though so it's not affecting everyone.
Hopefully soon i can play.been sitting here for a few hours now

Could you try the steps in this support article? I'm not seeing that many people with the problem really. It could just be corrupted cache information if you were one of those disconnected abruptly while playing earlier.
I also have the same error. Here is a screenshot.
i tried that support artivle and im still having the same issue
Vapo ,

Have you tried more than 1 character yet?

Could you try power-cycling your modem and/or router?
Followed support article and deleted folder. Still having same issue.
i cant even switch characters. as soon as i log into the game it immeidately get that error and dc
Power cycling did not work.
didnt work for me either
Could one of you try connecting to another region like EU and seeing if it happens there?
i can log into the EU region
Connection to Euro is fine.
Iam having the same issues. I cant log into the americas but Iam able to log into the EU regions. So can anyone tell me how to log into the americas?
I just issued resets to both of your accounts. Could you see if it made a difference in logging into the US now?
im still having the same issue even after the reset
I am also having the same issue. I was playing a game and was booted about 4 hours ago. Couldn't reconnect. Now I get the same error on start up and it closes D3.

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