Error 10017: Error when creating the game?

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I'm having a similar issue too, cant log in at all. After I click the D3 icon the launcher pops up and it shows this:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

I cant even get to the login screen to try and log in? But I was playing just fine earlier today. Though I have had increasing lag issues the last couple of months. Not sure what the heck is going on, and looks like blizz either doesnt realize theres a problem, or they are just not talking.

Just one more reason I prefer off-line games to on-line ones. Far less hassle.
i just logged in today and miraculously it worked haha I guess they fixed the problem
Getting "Error creating your own party" on Euro server, Asia and US are working fine.
Tried deleting cache, not helped.
Can't change character, as soon as login ends error pops up and back to login.
Error 10017 for me as well, and this thread seems to say that you just have to wait. Sucks.
i just started getting this code and it's not just one one system it's on multiple systems. i know it's not any of my systems because it just started tonight after leaving a party. so anyone STILL having this error?
I'm locked out due to this error. Thanks blizz, ive owned your game for a week and had just settled in for my grind to 60. and this happens. !@#$ this
i have this problem too, error pop up when i try to login . tried many different ways still same including changing authenticators
I have been receiving this error for weeks. Nothing I do fixes this issue. I just end up waiting for untold amounts of time before I can login again. This doesn't even begin to describe the other disconnect errors that I have been receiving....RIDICULOUS!!!!
I am receiving this error message after browsing 5 pages of this thread I see no solution.
Amazing ...
I have error 316502 error when creating a public games on PTR

Any fix for this?
Having this problem now Blizzard. Can you please check my account. Error code 10017. Thanks
i got the same problem that happened to me. restarting did not work. but this seemed to work
All credits go to original poster of this link as well as for coming up with this fix.

Disclaimers: May not work for everyone, does not stop zombies from eating your brain, does not prevent bathroom breaks, does not help get a girlfriend, does not get you laid, does not cover living with your parents if they say no.

Covers: 50/50 chance at fixing your D3 game play, Could make you angry, could make you happy, 50/50 chance of sleeping past 1:00 pm, makes your hot-dog become larger ;), makes you think dirty about a totally 100% not dirty comment, lets you live with your parents, makes you think it can stop zombies.
as am i...
error 10017, any solution?
same Problem on EU Server, saying I created too many Chat rooms :/
Having this problem on EU. I get Error 10017 (saying I created too many chat rooms) if I try to create a solo game and Error 316708 if I try to join an open game.
Same error here.

Any update?

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