Error 10017: Error when creating the game?

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working as of now
R they fix the problem?
I am at work now so I can't check, they reply my ticket by telling me delete the whole client and download a new one.
Shoule I do it when I home.
before oyu do that log in your acc and see if you still get the error 10017 thing, and if you dont then cheers!
I just started getting this today (5 hours ago was my first try logging in). Same thing. I log in and then insta-error. Then closes. Will this be fixed soon?
Same thing, but hey I logged in for 3 seconds then my own battletag invited me to a party! That was really nice of myself to do that but then I got booted :-( Thought for a minute there would be two of me spider slaying!!!
same problem here,pls tell me how to fix this!
I have having the same problem too, EU and Asia no problem, only happens in US; the moment I login, it prompts "Error creating party, error 10017" please assist
Same here.
same thing happens
still error!!!!!
im login at another computer,and still get error,i think its not softwares problem...
They are aware of this issue and their developers are currently looking into it. Hopefully they get it resolved soon.
There was an error creating your own party error 10017 ...same problem. Made a ticket, customer support have no idea what their talking about and marked my ticket resolved. Very very frustrating
2013.04.13 01:52:41.531099700 Chat System Message: 歡迎進入《暗黑破壞神III》!(v1.0.7.15295)
輸入 /? 列出聊天頻道相關指令。
2013.04.13 01:52:41.752581200 >>> sheeta BnetParty::AutoCreateMyParty current PartyId List is empty.
2013.04.13 01:52:42.279114200 Disposing UI for World
2013.04.13 01:52:42.281060200 Client Disposed world.
2013.04.13 01:52:42.281265700 Initializing client world BattleNet_Act2Screen...
2013.04.13 01:52:44.218298200 ERROR: >>> sheeta=====

the problem may be here...
the problem's still there since it's been so many hours
what should I say ,blz ?
yeah, its been 9 hours and I am still experiencing the same issue. Come on Blizz do something !!
same here zzz.
Is anyone from blizzard giving us any updates? We have tried everything and this still doesn't works. Anyone manage to resolve this yet?
not me... i have been trying every now and then since about 15 hours ago...

Laptop not working, 2 pcs not working. same errors each time.
lol same here...this is sooo upsetting, there goes my D3...

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