Error 10017: Error when creating the game?

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Just started for me an hour ago... great. Just great.

It's a bit disheartening to work for two weeks building an amazing upgrade to your character, and on the first night you want to do a test run, literally minutes after equipping your last piece of gear...


Good job Blizzard, good job.
i am allso having this error on eu servers error (10017) unable to create party any help ?
Idd , it would be nice
After the nice little authentication breakdown, i seem to run into another issue.
I was in a party with a friend of mine when the "crash of the auth" happened and now when i try to logg in i get "Failed to create own party error 10017".

Read the other posts about reainstalling and what not but nothing of those advises seems to have worked very well.

Anyone have any idea ?
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i am also having this error on eu servers error (10017) any help????
Me too, I just installed the game, on my new computer, ready to play, then this error pops up...

Geez... read through this thread, none of the solutions worked, guess I'll have to submit a ticket
Same here.
I tried delete cache, even I reinstalled D3 and still am having same error 10017???
I need a help error 10017
Read the other posts but nothing of those advises worked.
Please help me??
ahh i think i wasted £45 on this game =( such a dissapointment
hmm still getting error 10017 error to create party just after log in screen HELP PLEASE
Same problem here"error 10017". I've tried reinstalling files and clear cache, nothing helped.
:@ i dnt understand this it let me in on asia not on eu :S
Mine worked all of a sudden earlier today.. Strange.

Good luck to whoever still has this issue
Just started getting ERROR 10017. Tryed deleting the Cache folder resetting, power cycling etc. HELP!
error on creating game?? I wanna play!!!
Just received these same errors myself this blue responses for 7 pages!?!
yep ive had the 10017 for 5 days now and have been contacting customer support 2 times a day and still nothing
this is what customer support told me the "BLUE" cant fix this issue its a dev problem and that's the team working on it the dev techs so were at there mercy so maybe at Christmas time we can play hopfully don't jinx it or it will be longer
do a repair tool and its fixed for me now i can play game again no need to delete anything
yep that doesn't work for me I still get error 10017 ive tried clearing the cashe then repairing that then deleting the d3dbug file and still nothing ive even reinstalled the game twice and still nothing I always get the error

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