How to AH like a boss. Top secret revealed...

Witch Doctor
Don't flip things when tired.

Vile Wards. Less than 10 secs to go. No bids at 500k. And a ridiculous buyout at 500m. Manvan gonna make an easy 10m here.

Puts bid in window, ready to pounce at 2 seconds. Surely unnecessary with no bids, but I am what I am. Somehow close bid window, reopen, clicks Buy Now.

Clicks Buy Now.



Do I cancel it? No, I confirm it. I'm watching my hand and cursor dive on the button. Brain is screaming NONONONONO. But the penalties for being a flipper are that all movements are automated. Watch finger press mouse button in slow motion, fade to black.

So yeah. Got a killer VW for sale. Absolute GFG. Only 750m, hit me up in game.

In the meantime, I might go over to General and qq about it. Call for an AH nerf, refuse to accept responsibilty, and call people who disagree with me n00bs. Seems like de rigueur over there. Wish me luck.
Clicked like for great justice! :o
Lol, this reminds me of about 6 months ago. I made the mistake of being tired and drunk on the RMAH. Yeah, that's a bad idea. Don't do that kids. :P
ouch! 500 mill! i've never even had that much at once ever.

i've been playing since launch day and my biggest sale ever was a lacuni at 120 million
Troll Level 1 now live.

Let's see what happens.

I posted in your troll thread.

I'm now sponsoring the Help Save Manvan Fund.

Time for all the people he's helped to step up and help him.

Hit me up in game late US Eastern time tonight and I will give you a couple 100 million gold.

Your reward for helping others on the forum.
hahahahah look what you started over there!

good stuff! that thing is going to be pages and pages long!
It's an interesting demographic over in General. I'm not surprised by people calling me out for being a tool, but I'm genuinely surprised there is support there too.

Cheers skywalker, but my reward is getting to revel in my own stupidity. ;)

It's kind of great to screw up in epic enough proportions to laugh. I'm still shaking my head. But we'll see how far we can take it - if we can get a fund and a petition going, I'll give a million to everyone who posts in the thread. Or maybe I'll say I will, then complain how everyone and Blizz is trying to rip me off. :)
5 million says i can steer the conversation to religion vs science!

5 mill bonus if i can get someone to be compared to hitler!

hahahaha j/k, i'm too lazy
I'll take one of those bets.
sigh...sorry to hear that manvan....I once forgot a "0" at the end of an item i was instead of 300 mill, it was 30...and of course it sold almost immediately. I learned that day lol

All those expert computer programmers over at Blizzard and they can't spend 5 minutes to add commas so we can actually see what we are pricing an item at....its lazy...just lazy
awwwwww topic has been deleted! dammit, was gonna go kick it up a notch!
I didn't catch it in time

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