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Lore and Story
Feel free to disagree with anything below, it's mostly a bunch of observations that I'm a little worried about. It would be really nice if a CM could at least give us peace of mind on this issue - without giving away any spoilers of course.[Spoilers for Diablo, WoW and Starcraft may follow]

What's going on with the 2-dimensional villains at the moment?
In D1 and D2, Diablo was a fearsome beast who lunged at you from the darkness. You did not know his thoughts... That was what really brought out the 'terror' of the boss encouter.Baal was also a very intriguing character. Quite a 'human' demon whose pressence was felt right through D2 as Marius told the story. When he appears, he's a strangely charming character who makes it quite difficult for the player-hero to reach him. He toys with the player in his throne room with his own minions for some simple entertainment (at least that's what I get from the laughs).

In D3, all of the evil characters excluding Zultun Kulle are shockingly 2 dimensional. Why is Diablo poking his tongue out at the player/tyrael and screaming empty threats? Why is Belial's sense of humour (the journal reading about torture) not played upon more? Why is Azmodean not festering of 'sin', using mandkinds sin against itself? i.e. the people defending the keep should be dealing with temptations, greed, envy, wrath etc etc, the goal should be to save the keep from collapsing in on itself, not defending it against a series of highly frivolous attacks.If the maiden of 'lust' is in the game, why arn't there demonic orgies going on in the keep? - Remember the disturbing sight down in the Harem in Act 2 D2? (tears up).

If we go to a game like WoW, it appears that Blizz are trying something a bit new with Garrosh Hellscream. There are moments where the bloodthirsty warchief comes across as entirely sane... At other times, he is driven by a rage slowly driving him over the edge. I guess with the lich king/Deathwing the path towards villainy has already happened, so there is a bit of 'big powerful baddass' going on there, but with Garrosh, we are watching him crumble. It's also interesting to see what's happening to Jaina.

Similarly with Starcraft, I am really worrying about what this new 'dark voice' or Amon is going to be. Is there going to be something interesting about this villain, or is it simply going to be a great big baddy who gets shot down by some big powerful weapon and explodes, leaving a great big hole in space?

TL DR, do you have faith that Blizzard will bring back some more interesting villains in the expansion? Will Adria save it perhaps? Or even Imperius?
I really like this game, I just want some faith in the characterizations coming up in the expansions.

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