No D3 for 5 months :(

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By the time you get back, hopefully the devs will have finished with their "discussions around the office" and get to work on this game.
You must be a oldi like me I done the trip around a few years ago if you like to add me when you get home its Daymo#1116 all I can say is enjoy the time away lets just say I am over 60 closer to 70
Hi Daymo, will add you when we return. I am somewhere in the middle lol.
Looking forward to reading your blog posts Sep. Till then see you online in October
I am sure you dropped into a game one night cant forget that name of the monk monkeyface it was act 1
I really should read the forums more regularly because I am probably too late with this.

If you do see this it's been great playing with you Sep. It's caused a few late nights due to the time difference :)

I hope you have a great time and try not to be too "homesick" for D3.
Septimus, have a great trip and a safe one, so many idiots on the road these days. you were the first one to help me here and it seems we have mutual D3 friends, which is great. Catch you in October.
well me old chook have fun fishing, was weird getting on and not having someone picking on me to hurry up. :) Hope u have loads of fun and be careful on the roads. untill October may or ur rods bent bent rods. any one needing a hand can give me a buzz either on hard core or soft i play both. if u get bored kaza or trouble u know where i am. grinding away on something.
Hi Ho fellow D3ers. We arrived in Exmouth on Saturday and turned on the air-conditioning. Mannnn I swear its 45 degrees outside and just too damn hot to go outside in the middle of the day.. Looking out of the caravan window, there are very few other people in the caravan park as yet, probably they are much saner than we are and have stayed home until the weather settles down a bit. The water is going to have to wait for us for a little while; it’s too hot to get the boat off the roof lol.

Exmouth is a lovely place and the changes since we were last here are enormous, lots more housing, and the Marina and canals developments are really eye-opening.

The trip up was uneventful and quite warm. We stayed off-road every night and as we turn the generator off about 9pm, a couple of those nights were rather hot and sticky (no power - no fans).

Hey Qane, great to see your name here, I always think of you as the untouchable Barbarian since our couple of sparring matches. 

Yes Daymo, I do have a monk called Monkeyface, and your name is quite familiar as well.

AndmarTian, haha we have had some good nights haven’t we. I am missing your “ten is only a number” encouragement in MP10. Don’t forget Kaza is still on, keep him company and out of mischief.

Grizlor, “Remember fisheries motto:

" Fish for the Fillets " @.@”

haha 20 mil.

Hey Panda, good to hear from you. Hope your still getting better and better, I’m sure you are.

Calibr3. Well well well Grasshopper, you still alive in HC? I’ll bet you are enjoying your new WD. Keep that Spirit Vessel passive equipped and giddy up.
ehem mischief eh, well i learn it from the pro :P
man that is so hot, i don't think i can survive in that weather or maybe i will get skinnier when the heat burn my fat hmmm..
well at least you know how ur toon feel now if you leave it in molten too long hehehe
Glad to hear you arrived safely my lady
04/15/2013 02:19 AMPosted by kazumakiryu
ehem mischief eh, well i learn it from the pro :P

Haha, just what are u accusing me of my main man.

04/15/2013 02:19 AMPosted by kazumakiryu
man that is so hot, i don't think i can survive in that weather or maybe i will get skinnier when the heat burn my fat hmmm..

Nah, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work that way, or all of the contestants from The Biggest Looser would be up here with us lol.

Are you hanging in there Kazza, I am missing your company as well as my game. Keep your head down:)
I am rolling a monk now, since he is the last one who did not make to lv 60 yet.

yeah, missing the laughter and the food talking too. Well enjoy your fishing my friend, I'm sure it's more exciting to catch a monstrous fish than getting a lv58 Harry potter hat.
Kazaaaaaa, I need your help. Can you tell me which of these two laptops would be the better one.

Number 1:Quick Spec.

• Intel® 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor (2.4 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.40 GHz, 6 MB L3 cache)

• MS Windows 8 Professional 64bit

• 8GB DDR3 Memory

• 750GB Hard Disk

• NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 635MX with 2GB VRAM

• 15.6" HD LED Screen (1366x768)

Number 2: Quick Spec.

Genuine Microsoft Windows 8

Intel 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge Quad Core i7 3630QM Turbo 3.4GHz

15.6" High Definition LED Widescreen

1TB Hard Drive

8GB Memory
nVidia GeForce 2GB Dedicated Graphics

USB 3.0


Altec Lansing® speakers

Super Multi-Layer DVD Burner

Integrated Webcam & microphone

Card Reader

Intel 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Ready

My old laptop is driving me crazy, so I thought I might buy a new one. I really would appreciate your advice my friend. By the way, hows the Monk going lol.
hahaha, r u plan to come back early my lady?

hmmm the specs look similar assuming the 2nd laptop also use GT635MX video card and windows 8 professional version. Both using same I7 processor which powerful for a laptop, got nice hardisk space and 8 gb memory as well (my PC only 4gb).

The video card is mid level but it's enough for 15 inch laptop. You can find the review here

but if you looking to play D3, you can definitely play it in high resolution (you can scroll down the article and D3 fps test there).

my amateur verdict: if the price not much different, then second one is slightly better since it got 250gb hardisk space more (assuming that's the only difference as the specs look the same). so it all come down to price and brand that you trust. the other thing that you want to think about is weight vs performance. normally good performance laptops like the above are a bit heavier.

my monk managed to get lv 60 but still underpowered for even mp 5, so guess relying on my DH to feet the family :). I haven't played a lot lately. I have been playing Age of Wushu at the moment.
Good morning all, well the case of the disappearing posts is happening again. I posted here this morning and my post has just plain disappeared, so I will have to re do it.

The weather up here has cooled down a tad, making it a lot nicer, but still quite humid. We have our boat and boat trailer assembled, so should be off fishing as soon as the wind direction changes. I will be adding my recipe for Deep Fried Fish Batter here shortly, so keep a watch out.

Kaza, my main man, thank you sooo much for your help. The web site you directed me to has a lot of great information and I am glad you mentioned that the graphic card of the second computer wasn't on yesterdays post, because I checked it and it is not the same. It is a GeForce 610M, which is not as good as the one in the first computer. So I can buy the first computer (an Asus) with an upgrade to 16G of ram for $1000, which I think is quite a good price.

Then I will have to work out how to download D3 to the new computer, might have to visit an internet cafe. But even then, I don't think I will be playing much D3 because I only have prepaid wireless connection which might not be good enough. I am able to play D2 online but it's just not the same sigh. Mainly, I want the new puter to play a couple of offline games which I brought with me but I should be able to access the D3 AH at least and maybe chat with some of my friends from time to time. Good luck with your new game, I can just see you leaping from the rooftops and doing backflips and ninja kicks lol. Cheers and catch u later.
whoa your famous fish and chips, now that's a real legendary drop. hopefully will not cost me millions to get it :)

glad to be able to help, $1000 for that spec is a steal I think and ASUS is good for money value. my old G1 ASUS laptop still running ok since 2007.

lol, you still bring your offline game, i thought no video games for your holiday, just fishing and relaxing. Maybe this a chance for you to play Skyrim.
wow we used to live there in Exmouth and your right there are damn big fish to be catched
Hi Sep, I just had a 5 month D3 break myself. Will catch up when you return.


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