Alright, who broketed the auction house?

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i bet it was one of you... -.- or maybe yoou! D: must be you! ohhh it was certainly you!

BUT seriously, what happened? D:
I got an IK belt at such a good deal the AH broke and now I can't even use it in-game.

This was foretold 12hrs ago ........

It is my experience (I have played every day since launch) that they either get done with maintenance hours early or an hour or two late. If by some chance they bring the servers back up on time, the AH database will not be done rebuilding yet.
Yeah, you know, I was already having trouble selling crap on the auction house, this is just going to make things even worse. I mean, it's been so bad lately, I feel like my items are bugged and not showing up like what happened when the AH was down for weeks and they sat around twiddling their thumbs.
we noticed in gen chat Boa's were not appearing to be so while linked could it be some were sold and broke it lol
It was me. I broke the AH.

(I'm not sorry.)
I was spamming refresh looking for some good loot to snipe for cheap and pow I think I broke it :P

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