Archon thoughts?

OK so I am nowhere near done maximizing my SNS gears but I am curious if now is the time to get a good archon build set up. I have 2 reasons that I think it might be optimal.

1. The 1.08 buffs to archon and mob density will make it more viable to low and mid level geared players.

2. With 1.09 on the horizon and the announcement that elem damage might get fixed the current black damage weapon with elem damage gears will not be as effective. Also to go with this a pair of Ilvl 63 all res Boj Anglers will make the 2.51 BP available for even a 1.40 sword with apoc triumverate and no Inna's pants in SNS builds. This will allow for SNS dps to push 500K DPS and in my head is true end game gearing for SNS. Also think of what this would do for hybrid builds.

Let me know what you guys think.

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