1.08 TR Low level MP exp farming?

Hey fellow TR Monks,

Usually I just play my Monk with TR on MP 0 to smash through mobs, collect DE and Exp.

With 1.08 just wondering if this would work in a group of TR monks?

Imagine 4 TR Monks running in tandem, smashing through everything... with combinations of Aura's and sweeping winds I think this could be really cool.

I don't play the PTR so I wouldn't know, but has anyone tried or is anyone keen to run this with me when 1.08 goes live?

If you want to run mp1 I'll go with you. Ive run TR with another monk before and its pretty cool, I had to swap out MoC for MoH (also circular breathing does not apply to the rest of your party unfortunately), but I had cyclones going and he had firestorm. Everything was dying.
Sounds awesome, i'll send you a friend request when I log on tonight.

Yeah I think MP1 is a good lvl to start playing around.

Anyone else?
I thought i'd revive this thread since the patch is here. Anyone else keen on doing group TR farming?
I will be when I finish gearing my new Monk. Sounds a blast.
Never done a TR spec myself, but I'm down. Shoot me a friend request
Yes, do add me, i have a 180~200k dps TR monk.

gonna be fun!
sounds fun add me up

You can add me for MP1 or 2
You can add me, always down to TR through mobs


send me a message saying TR monk
just fyi you HAVE to run mp1+ now. monster density did not effect mp0
I'd be down, add me up.

Thread revival bump for justice!
Feel free to add me also,

185k Unbuffed Perm TR.
Add me with the message TR
Yes, let's get this party started!
This would be a blast I'd think

Add me in game as im planing to revive my TR monk.


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