"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

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made some nice gloves. check it (on my monk)

so made some so-so gloves on my dh.
07/04/2013 05:50 PMPosted by edzmond
made some nice gloves. check it (on my monk)

Damn you, edzmond - those are MY gloves! I suggest you surrender them peacefully and immediately, or else I shall call dibs on your Honor Apex as well! (%

Not much happening today. Haven't played my main at all. Cleared Act 3 once again, start to finish with the self-geared alt, died only twice. Crafted some more chest pieces for him, but no luck. If only the one he's currently wearing had sockets, instead of Reduced Melee Damage...
Nice glove!

To collect more DE to craft gloves again.... Hope I have a GG gloves similar to edzomnd.
Lucky edz.Very nice.
shopped for new gloves (pickup radius) / ring (rare ring)

crafted some gems / new shoulders

gathered some DE

now about to go lift...

do you even lift?!?!?
Ran the self-geared gimp through Act 3 once more. Upgrades found = 0, upgrades crafted = 0, I hate RNG. Died 3 times, I hate Heralds of Pestilence. Total count of set items acquired so far = 5 (4 Zuni and 1 Tal Rasha), I hate Int. As a point of fact, my WD is currently enjoying today's acquisition (Zuni ring), but still - I'm pretty sure I hate Int, could have been Nat's ring.

Did several CotA runs on my main and figured I don't like running without Serenity. Sure, FitL or BW is nice damage booster, but I find I actually take more time on average to complete a run without Serenity. Kiting to avoid trouble takes too much time, I find the approach when I see some sh!t flying in the fan's general direction, to just hit a button and weather through the fallout without interrupting the hurt-dishing process much more preferable.
Crafted nice bracers that equaled my prior Damage Reduction, lost 1K health but gained 5.7K DPS.
I put my tr gear on, then ran over 5 elites.


I put my other gear on and logged off...
I sold half my TR build gear for about 5-10 times more than I paid and am now re-gearing for dual wielding, which I feel is more multiplayer friendly as I want to do more multiplayer.

Sold a SoJ I bought for 50m for 400m, had 6%/29%/2.32 spirit rege/5% Wave of light.

Sold a Doom hammer I bought for 45m for 500m.

Sold a amulet I bought for 66m for 200m.

Sold a ring I bought for 3m for 60m

Sold a inna's helm I bought for 15m for 200m.

Now have about 1.3b to regear for dual wield.
Did some TR to complete my Co-Op achievements.
Got to run with a few monks I haven't seen in a while.....fun all around times.

TRed a bit gor 50 DEs no luck but leveled t0 86!

Also got a pair of ice climbers with my remaining gold..... Back at 3mil and change.

Swallowed my Cold pride and decided to use the stupid Poison amulet I rolled the other day. Got a new Radiance with more resist, to compensate the loss, so I'm still sitting at 750+. On the up side of things, my DPS soared to 192K and rounded up nicely two of my offensive stats, 50.5% CC and 497% CD - nearly perfect balance.

Not much progress with the self-geared dude, still stuck in Act 3, going nowhere one slow step at a time.
^Your amulet is nice! :)
Actually your whole monk is pretty good! Also like the triple generator as well.

My monk is waiting some upgrades, and I'm getting closer to maxing out the Tyrael's chest with no Nats set either. It's getting a bit expensive now.

Rough estimate is about 250k dps. Just need to roll better bracers and a sweet amulet could possibly gain me another 10kdps.

In an alternate universe, my DH make it to L60 :)
i dinged p100 today. was a slower road than i expected.

i blame getting caught up with my wizard. living in nz for a few months now, lag is a killer. cm with the wiz is painful.

the monk was a lot more resilient to lag effects.

will probably have to swap to archon or SS gear set to reach 100. then maybe the wd.
Leveled again in short amount of time! Im on a roll haha. Good timing to as my HS reunion is next weeks so I'll be MIA for my usual weekend game fest.

Have a good week errbody and see you in the funny pages.

i blame getting caught up with my wizard. living in nz for a few months now, lag is a killer. cm with the wiz is painful.

heeeey! what are you doing in my neck of the woods? :)
crafted another 20 gloves to vendor.

bought another 1,000 iridiscent tears and 500 tomes.

prepared to grind for more demonic essences to convert into vendor gloves.
Got a new OH sword.
Ditched my Hellfire for a rare ring.
Upgraded one of my gem.

And as usual crafted stuff and salvaged them.
Decided to send the self-geared wimp on a short Act 1 vacation. I thought the change of scenery might do him some good and so would the change of his OH - he was getting a little too dependent on that Sever. I gave him an axe he had stashed earlier, which provided a slight DPS upgrade and some LoH. Survivability is OK, was able to pick up the difficulty a notch for Act 1 runs and is currently doing well on MP 4.

Also crafted a pretty awesome chest armor for him. Not a dual resist one, but still quite usable. I have some decent pants in store, will craft some shoulders and once he finds himself a reasonable LS weapon, he's ready to be weaned from the Asheara set, although the boots will be hard to give up, as his current setup is very poor on AS.
got to plv 86.

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