"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

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Got to PL78. Won a bid for my new necklace (and I am still short to hit 300k dps unbuffed T-T)
07/08/2013 04:06 AMPosted by Weegee
heeeey! what are you doing in my neck of the woods? :)

wife is on sabbatical, teaching courses at canterbury. whole family came along.

we thought it'd be fun. cept now we know "christchurch" is code for "south pole". single plane glass. no insulation. no central heating. it's like camping with drywall and electricity.

still fun =) nice people down here.
Hehe welcome to NZ! :)
Yea that part of the country is chilly. You should go to the slopes if you have the chance. I'm in Auckland where lag isn't as much of a problem.

Staying on Topic..
Today my monk has got a power rage on. You all know I'm a Tyrael's Might user. Getting closer to 250k DPS! I think I'm getting as far as I can without a Nats set.
Next step is to farm more DE's and get trolled by crafting a better amulet (DPS + Vit), then bracers (DPS + Vit ), then shoulders (Vit).

le sigh.
I realized how weak my amulet actually is compared to some of my other gear and crafted 50 of them. Got these two below, the first of which is very tempting to me, but I think I need to hit 17:1 mitigation more legitimately. Still looking for something better.

http://i.imgur.com/MO4uQqQ.jpg (fire resist, yay!)

Main lesson (to me) is that amulets craft better than I thought. But at about 200K a pop (including materials) they're the most costly way to use up my roughly 300-400 DEs. Am I really going to spend my next 80m worth of gold and materials crafting these? Probably. Crafting is the most fun way to upgrade, after all :)
Spent 30 mil on a new Witching Hour, gained 2000 life, another 9 resist, and 76 dps...yes, only 76. BUT, overall had a 30K EHP gain with no DPS loss. And I figure I'll have no problem getting my money back by selling the old one. In the end when it's sold, 30K EHP gain for near nothing.
Just manage to change my fist (with int) to my current sword and get myself over 250k dps, now considering WKL for non-bell build, but pondering how should I pair them, EF+WKL or WKL+rare sword(currently equipped)?

Also, trying hard to sell my fist weapon..

My monk is lacking DEs. I NEED HEAPS!


Having fun with new spec.
Traded HPs for DPS. Found the maximum ias I can run and still be perma TR. Tried MP6 and was quickly made aware my resists need work...
Gathered 5 stacks in Festering woods and Halls2 then smashed mobs with TR/Exploding palm gear on Fields in Act 1 MP10 x 3 runs...

Then switched to my Sprit regen gear (helm and different SOJ) and framed tomes/DE in Act 2 & 3 MP3 x 3
6.88K DPS upgarde with 1.3K EHP loss on new weapon and gloves, plus full 3% LS now....cost, 34mil.
I think I'm beginning to warm up towards the idea of permanently ditching Serenity and replacing it with FitL. My previous attempt to do so left me with some mixed-up feelings, but that was before I added 18K DPS. With the recent damage upgrade and FitL, stuff melts so much faster and usually dies before I need to start worrying about pulling my bacon out of the fire, which pretty much eliminates the need to kite or hit Serenity.

Also lowballed some bid for a LpSS WKL last night and to my surprise won it with 11K gold to spare. It's nothing fancy, but came very cheap and I've been wanting to experiment with substituting LoH for LpSS, for quite a while now. I don't expect LpSS to win this race, but at least I'll get an idea how it performs in comparison.
Finally got to 300k unbuffed (no scoundrel/enchantress) with my monk. Just happy :)
Bought a couple of new weapons, don't think I'll have to worry about them again for a long while
07/13/2013 09:41 PMPosted by Mauzn
Bought a couple of new weapons, don't think I'll have to worry about them again for a long while

Give me your MH!!! rawr!
07/13/2013 09:43 PMPosted by Weegee
Give me your MH!!! rawr!

MINE! Hands off my precious.
Upgraded MH gem, now sitting at 130K DPS...I'm happy. MP9 farming is one step closer.
I found a Sky Splitter for my team found monk. It was a significant DPS increase. : )
put on new bracers lost 3k hp but gained 6k dps
I hit hell with my HC monk; I'm doing nothing with my SC monk.

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