"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

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Today, I learned a ton about how to improve my monk.

Can't wait to get home later and put it all to good use.

Replacing Bells with EP. May not be the most efficient, but man is it fun.

Replacing EF with some rare with CD and LS.

Farming some DE so that I can start crafting better gloves, and amulet.

Might replace my inna's belt with WH. Will see after I do the other upgrades.

It sucks that I will have to basically rebuild from scratch, but it'll be worth it in the end.
I finally decided to play with CS: Soothing Breeze and Guding Light. It definitely forces more locational awareness, but it is so worth it!
I bought a Tyraels Might for $1.50usd on the RMAH as an upgrade for hidden dps (+4% more to demons, +1% more to elites, -8dex).

So I put my old one up on GAH for 350m (had a perfect 200dex roll + 3 sockets). just sold! lol ^_^
I got some new nat boots (well yesterday), sold my old ones, (found out they were duped ew..), gave up 80 res on pants for 76 dex and 99 vit. Lowest res is now 426, (ouch!), but any dex I add right now seems to increase my damage so much.
^Your Doom Hammer!!! wtf! wow! :D
Nothing! Looking forward to my vacation start!
Crafted a bracer and ammy, was pretty pleased with them =)
Broke the 200k DPS mark...currently sitting on 201k dps and 580k EHP. Pretty happy that was able to build a balanced (enough) monk for a bit over 160mil (excluding gems). Reading Nameless' guide was a pretty good motivation to see if I could achieve something similar.
I just picked the game up again after about a year off. Spent maybe 300k that I had still in the stash to build up a decent level 60 set; I think I'm pretty good going through Hell right now with what I've got. The weapons I'm using right now were really cheap, I don't think I spent 100k on either of them.
Ran around with Fitz last night trying different builds. Still looking and crafting for that GG LOH amulet if anybody has any leads would be much appreciated.

Trying to push the envelope with a LS Shen build. Besides that just catching up on a lot of Movies with my monk logged in game swaying to the soundtracks.


Nehsi thanks for the heads up on that FOL. I went to sleep and when I woke up I checked for them again and they were gone :(

I think we need to make a deal on your Relentless Assault :D
I've been forcefully kept away from the game these past few days, on account of my VC performing a nice 'crash and burn' trick on me. Blasted thing was less than 2 yrs old and costed a small fortune back in its days. I managed to temporarily replace it with an even older VC I scavenged from my old system's remains, but that poor piece of hardware is so hopelessly outdated, it won't suffer any gaming load.

I'm currently in the market for a new VC. Until then, no more D3 for me. I can check my AH affairs on the console-PC in the living room, but I refuse to get reduced to playing on the sofa.
I broke 200k and added a chunk of EHP to boot. After hundreds of failed amulet crafts, I broke down and bought one...but she's a beauty. It is also a huge upgrade for my wizard, so if I ever get that long awaited dex amulet craft (my DH still need a much better amulet) I can repurpose it or sell it.

Just a few more levels now for 200k DPS and 700k EHP (690k now with a helm socket change). I could easily upgrade the pants for more vita, but in the long run I will likely be changing to a high dex pair, so there is no point wasting the gold.
Absolutely nothing yesterday.

My poor monks.

Will probably make one sample video and plvl up couple on my HC monk after work today.
Past couples of weeks
Was on vacation and thought that I could get some play time in .. boy I was wrong ..anywho ..

Got new helm 5 mil
Got new OH EF with low fear yay! 6 mil
Got a new SK with 10% elite for only 8 mil … sold my old ones for a tiny profit ;)
Move up … 1 plvl lol

But heck my real life Steam Bun said “YES!” So it’s all good =)

- Q, the newly happily engaged monk XD
Finished my gear set to sell, have to take a break/need the money. Pretty happy to sell a 210k monk haha
Crafted 300 Razorspikes of Dexterity to no avail, completely out of gold and materials, two pieces of equipment went in the red and now I have to farm on my WD to even pay for my Monk repairs. Can't find items. =/

But heck my real life Steam Bun said “YES!” So it’s all good =)

- Q, the newly happily engaged monk XD

Congrats my man! Well done! that is awesome news :)
So far we've had babies, smashed hands, holidayers and now engaged ones :p
Get in early on the planning lol. That is my advice to you. 6 months before I get hitched and I got the gut feeling it's going to go by very fast...
Got to the Oasis on MP10 in Normal with my HC monk and fought my way to Arreat Crater 2 in MP8 on Inferno with my SCSF monk. I also picked up another SC paragon level, which seems to be happening at every session or every other session lately.
But heck my real life Steam Bun said “YES!” So it’s all good =)

- Q, the newly happily engaged monk XD

I had the notion something of this sort must have happened, after you went missing from the game, (for the most part) lately. (%

Congratulations, I'm so very happy for the two of you! (%
thanks Weegee and Laurelynd =)
yeah I thought that I might finally have a full session of play during my vacation but times just passed by so quickly

went to the beach, did easy hikes, picnicking and enjoyed the outdoor a lot though

on topic: move up 2 experience bar yesterday … common p100 lol

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