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I'm about to hit Plvl 100 so I wont be needing any XP at this point. What is the best Act/MP to farm legendarys on?

My barb is 180k unbuffed, when i have my non-xp gear on.

I have very little gold so i'm looking for the best route to get the best bang for your buck.
You could try the PTR. I predict that any route currently used will be less efficient as others with the new patch.

Of course MP10 is the best theoretically to farm on, but if you aren't killing fast enough, it can be a rough ride. At your dps, i'd run mp7-9 (whatever is best to get elites down in a quick amount of time).
Start at the highest MP you can possibly do (at a fast pace, if your NV buff drops below 26-27 minutes you're going too slow). Then just go to areas that have a lot of monsters. That's pretty much anywhere in Act 3. The best way is to design your own farming path. Take the waypoints for zones you like and find you can progress through at a decent pace. With the onset of 1.08 though this will mostly change. Any act will be worth farming on MP levels. So basically... just farm the areas that you like... ones with mob types that give you the least hassle... areas you like to look at...etc. There isn't really one place to farm... its just about killing as much as fast as possible. (While having high MF, and with MP levels and Paragon that should be a given)
04/17/2013 03:56 PMPosted by ZeroAffex
Have you actually played PTR or is this your opinion based on patch notes? Patch 1.08 is not as good as its hyped up to be.. I think you might be in for a shock if you actually play it. Its just an Act 3 nerf bascially. The other Acts are still the same for monster density for the most part. Wish more people would play PTR and see for themselves that is not going to be better.. Like I said.. Just a Act 3 nerf with some bonus's so we can forget, like awesome crafting, i d all and the like..

I respectfully disagree on all accounts. Act 3 wasn't changed. This is a buff to Act 1,2,4.

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