Blizz, are you kidding? One more buff?

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From topic "1.0.8 Known Issues List"

The Multiplayer buff disappears during an act transition.

Hey guys, are you kidding? One more buff?

Ok, if I will play in co-op in 1.0.8, then I will have:
  • Mantra buff
  • Breath of Heaven buff
  • Sweeping Wind buff
  • NV buff
  • Multiplayer buff
  • 5 buffs >_>

    And how I must see other buffs, such as blinding flash and second mantra? How I must see duration of Serenity? Or how I must know that War Cry active on me?

    The bluepost topic was deleted after you question, Ozzy.
    04/05/2013 12:31 PMPosted by SirLayorn
    The bluepost topic was deleted after you question, Ozzy.


    That topic will be resurrected..soon™
    Screw multiplayer, this is already an issue in single player. It's ridiculous that you can't see all your buffs. And it's also ridiculous that certain buffs don't even have a tooltip for it.
    Who keeps putting that post back up? What is going on? I think this topic is about to be deleted.
    It's not fun to see more than five buffs. Jay Wilson said so.
    This is a stopper bug for me: i can't play.

    Intel DP67BG MB / Core i7-2600k CPU / 32GB RAM / 2xGTX-580 SLI / 5xHDD Raid-5

    Storm Armor with Shocking Aspect rune + Energy Twisters = anytime HDD spamming at each lightning of armor.

    Game is freezing, i delete D3 after some houndreds playing hours and thousands donated dollars xD until this issue will be fixed.
    How it looks like:

    For perfomance comparision - this also under Fraps:

    its faster!

    And last test - game in MEMORY ram disk:

    Fraps not reduce over test performance, but D3 is slower and lags without it too.
    Problem was solved by using SSD as system and game disk drive.
    Did you jackasses read patch notes? You can see up to 8 buffs now.

    Not perfect, but much better.
    Thanx for fixing this issue in 1.08

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